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11. Like me, like you! You feel me

10. Lucy comes up with a different

9. Lucy wants to share the experi

8. "I want you to cut my head off

7. She wants to use the katana on

6. Tell her the truth

5. Cousin Lucy

4. At home

3. Jason McCormick, 18

2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

Final touches

on 2023-11-12 10:13:35
Episode last modified by WriteNotWrong on 2023-11-12 10:16:08

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Aware NBM Part_Swap Part_Theft Stuck Twin

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As Lucy clicked the red button, time started moving again. Jason noticed this in spite of his blindfold because of the way the ambient noise around him came back to him. He made a motion to remove his blindfold, but Lucy kept him from doing so, grabbing him by his wrist.

"Final touches Jason! I promise. I just forgot something important." She grabbed the small pamphlet describing the uses of the different settings that came with the katana. "Yellow." She decided. Poking Jason with the hilt so he'd be aware of the changes as well, Lucy pressed the red button anew and then picked the yellow setting on its handle. She sliced her own head as well as Jason's off each other's respective bodies. Finally she grabbed Jason's head, placing it on her body, and she placed her own head on Jason's.

Another click of the red button, and with a flash, things were back to 'normal'.

"Okay, you can take off your blindfold now."

Jason felt weird, in more ways than one. He immediately noticed by picking at the knot at the back of his head, that his fingernails had grown longer. Moreover his body felt... lighter somehow. Frustrated he couldn't untie the knot, he just tore it off his head, worried about what changes Lucy had made to his body.

"What the-" his heart leapt in his throat, as he stared down at the yellow tank top he now wore, covering his two new assets, their appearance awfully familiar, be it now seen from a different vantage point. He felt his stomach flutter, his abs spasming as he heard Lucy's wheezing laughter from across his bedroom. She was doubled over, holding her arms around her waist as she couldn't control her laughter. "Oh my days, Jason! Look at you! You're me!

Jason stood up and walked over to his closet mirror. There it was. His head on his cousin's smaller, completely female body. Not just her body, but the clothes he now wore were a perfect copy of Lucy's as well. "Out of all things, why would you choose to give me a copy of your body?" Jason asked her.

"Uhm, because I think it's funny?" She sassed. "And I wanted to treat you to the life of being a girl as well."

Her nephew glared at her. "So why not give yourself my body then? See what it's like on the other side of the gender fence."

Lucy hummed in agreement. "I was honestly thinking about it. But if I decided to do that, I wouldn't be able to help you out with the girl stuff. And I'd practically be tumbling about trying to walk in your shoes as well. It's easier this way, but if you are suggesting we do that the next time we use the katana, I'm all for it!"

Lucy's head on his body. Jason shivered at the thought, Lucy in response treating him with a bubbly laugh. He was genuinely in awe at the ease at which she just... Jeeze Louise there wasn't even a right way of phrasing it!

"Besides..." Lucy pressed on, "I'm not just allowing you to do everything with my body. I wanted to set some ground rules, about what you are and are not allowed to do with my body." Jason didn't like where this was going. "You do know that I didn't choose to become a girl, let alone practically become you specifically? That aside, before you lay them out for me, how are you going to- you know, police me on everything I'm supposed to be doing."

"Well, there are plenty of ways. Firstly, I'm not leaving your side, except in school when we have different classes. I can call you whenever I think you're up to something. But the best part of it is this!" She held out her right arm. Then, with her left hand, she pinched at the skin on her own wrist. Without delay, Jason felt a stinging sensation on my own wrist. It felt just as sharp as it would have if it was Jason pinching himself. "Ow!" He yelped. Then, surprised, "How-?"

"It works! Yes!" Lucy pumped her fist in the air, and Jason took notice of feeling his arm and the fabric of his clothes shift despite the stillness of his own body, him still nursing the sore spot on his wrist.

"How did I do that, you wanted to ask?" She tapped against the katana's hilt by her hip. "I was hoping the yellow effect of the katana paired with a body swap would somehow link our physical senses. I can feel what you feel and vice-versa."

Jason didn't understand how the sword managed to make that work. Perhaps the user's intent was an imporant factor in creating the katana's desired effects upon its application. The way Lucy explained it though...

Lucy never saw it coming but she felt the sting as soon as Jason hit himself in the chest with a balled fist. Tears formed in her nephew's eyes, as for the first time he realised what it felt like to be punched in the boob, the skin and fat being sandwiched between itself, and immediately leaving the area very sore. He was sure it got his message across though.

"Change me back, now." He commanded with anger in his voice. Lucy gripped the katana's hilt tighter in her fist, her other hand nursing her tender breast. "You're not being fair Jason." She called out. "You agreed to do a swap. What use does this silly sword have for you if you're not going to use it in the first place." Finally, she muttered, "You might as well just give it to me then."

"Oh no you won't." Jason bellowed. He rushed his niece, trying to grab a hold of the magical device. "You are not going to steal it from me, least of all when I'm still not back to normal!"

Lucy yelped as her nephew charged her with an enraged expression on his face. But instead of flooring her like she would have expected of him, the shove he gave her didn't lead to anything more than a backpedal. Unlike Jason though, Lucy knew judo!

In an instant, Jason was floored. Not literally, Lucy's shoulder throw caused him to land softly on his own bed. She didn't want to experience a hard landing herself.

Twice now, his niece had left him completely flummoxed. In his bewilderment, Jason realised too late that Lucy had run off with the lasersword. On the soles of his feet, he registered the pitter-patter of Lucy descending down the stairs. If he wanted his own body back, he had to go after her.

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