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6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

What to do?

on 2023-11-06 23:55:24

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John just stared at Judy as she dialed her cell phone and started talking, "Officer, I'd like to report a break-in," while glaring at him...well her. John suddenly felt very scared, and naked. He looked around for something to put over his lower body, settling on the thong and yoga pants. He grabbed them and pulled them up as his sister was giving the police the address. Judy finished her call and hung up.
"Bitch, it's about time you put some pants on. Of course you wore something that would show off your figure."

"Judy, I'm..."

"In serious trouble young lady. Now get your stuff and leave. John'll be back any minute and the cops should be here in 5 to take you in to about your breaking in here," demanded Judy as she opened the door. Scared, John started to tear up, getting kicked out his own home. He went over to get his wallet, phone and keys.

"Those aren't yours to take, Missy." and John let go of the keys. His sister was intimidating. What was he going to do? He looked around the room, and saw the medallion. He grabbed it and then took a sock of his. Unsure were to put it, he put it in his bra, hoping to use it in about 7-8 hours. Judy gestured with her head to get out, so John left with his sister towering over him, glaring as he stepped out the door, which slammed shut behind him with a click.

John took the elevator down to the lobby, took a seat on a chair and cried. After about 15 seconds, John realized what he was doing, and took some deep breaths. Men don't cry. He stood up, then it dawned on him, he didn't know where to go but he couldn't stay here. He walked out the front door of the complex, and turned right. He walked by the Thai place on the corner, and his stomach started to rubble. In the chaos of the morning, he realized he didn't have anything to eat and it was almost dinner time. He would destroy some pad thai. He was about to walk in when he realized he had no money to buy the food. Sweating under his breath, he walked by a bar a few doors down. He looked at the bar inside, noting it was mainly guys. Maybe he could get something to eat after all...

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