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9. The bus arrives at her destina

8. She becomes a busty grandma.

7. On the bus she is the only one

6. Seeing as the mail man is gone

5. A blonde bombshell in a bikini

4. Whenever she gets near a guy a

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

The bus arrives at her destination, and the curse now changes it starts to add the sexual fantasies on top of the previous.

on 2023-11-02 15:36:52

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Age BE FTF MC Magic Size TF Unaware

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The bus driver did a double take as he looked into the mirror and saw the hottest, sexiest woman he'd ever seen. The woman was enormous, her ass taking up two seats. She had a massive belly protruding onto her lap, and on top of that were two of the biggest breasts he'd ever seen. She looked to be in her mid-60's, but her soft skin and smooth hair seemed to take a couple years off. How the hell had he not noticed a beauty like her getting on?

Meanwhile, Sally struggled to get used to her new body. She felt her massive gut bounce and jiggle with every bump the bus hit, and she felt herself sloshing around unsteadily as she slid around on top of her ginormous thighs. As the bus pulled to a stop in front of the school, she stood with a loud groan. She'd seen women this fat before, but now that she'd become one she had no idea how they managed to get around. She walked slowly towards the front of the bus, her massive cheeks jiggling with every step she took. She could even feel the bus quake slightly with each step.

"Here, let me give you a hand ma'am!" the bus driver quickly offered, rushing to Sally's side and placing a steadying hand on one of her swollen rolls of back fat.

"Ooh, ah, thanks," Sally blushed. It was a bit embarrassing to need help like this, but for some reason it felt strangely good to have a handsome young man helping her out.

Er, handsome and young? Sally wondered to herself. Surely this man was at least 20 years older than her. Well, now it was 20 years younger, she realized. Ugh, this was so confusing, Sally sighed. She just needed to get to school to get this all figured out...

"Well, uh, thank you," Sally huffed as she made it down the bus steps, her face red and beginning to sweat.

"No problem, gorgeous," the bus driver winked. "And if you ever need a, uh... private ride, give me a call, my name is Tony," he said, sliding her a piece of paper with his phone number.

"Oh, thanks, Tony," Sally smiled. "I'm Sally," she said, offering him her plump hand.

"Charmed," he said, taking her hand and giving it a kiss. Sally felt her heart racing.

"Ok, well, I need to be getting to class," she said quickly.

"Oh, are you a teacher?" he asked.

Right, Sally corrected herself. Obviously she no longer looked like a student... She realized she'd need to figure out a way to explain what she was doing at school...

"Yeah," Sally said. "And I'm running late. But I'll call you?" she said, unsure if she meant it.

After arriving on her high school, she saw it filled with familiar faces. But, as soon as she approached a group of popular kids, hoping to be transformed again, she got a series of strange looks.

"Who the hell is that?" Katie Hopkins said, wrinkling her nose at the obese older woman waddling towards her.

"Is that like the new librarian or something?" Anna Perez added.

Damn, Sally cursed. She'd need to figure out a way to get herself alone with someone who could transform her into something more... normal. She eyed the classroom she was supposed to go to for her first class of the day, but realized she'd have a hard time explaining what she was doing there. Maybe she could start in the principal's office? Surely a fat older woman would look more at home there... Geez, what should she do now?

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