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5. A Japanese girl in a geisha co

4. Whenever she gets near a guy a

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Exotic Geisha

on 2023-10-29 20:54:24

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The girl in the mirror was almost completely unrecognizable, except that she was about Sally's height. Her face was done up in full geisha makeup, white with red lips, and from her almond-shaped eyes with dark brown irises and the skin tone on the rest of her body, it was clear that she was Asian. Long black hair was piled atop her head and appeared to almost be shellacked into place, various ornamentation within it. She wore an elaborate but short silk robe that revealed a good amount of cleavage -- Sally thought she seemed much better-endowed than the average Asian -- and she had stiletto-heeled shoes on her feet that didn't quite seem to match with the rest of the outfit.

Sally was smart enough to put two and two together. She'd wished she was sexier, she'd felt an odd shudder when she opened the door for the mailman -- she knew beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, but maybe sexiness was as well, and so she'd turned into the mailman's idea of sexy. That might have explained his reaction.

So the mirror did seem to be magic. Sally tried another wish.

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