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5. A top-heavy Latina in skimpy l

4. Whenever she gets near a guy a

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Busty Latina in lingerie

on 2023-10-29 20:51:44

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A busty Latina in sexy lingerie stood still in the mirror in front of her.

Sally couldn't believe what her eyes were telling her. There was no way that this could be real. Unless, could it be? Did the mirror do this to her when she wished that she was sexier? No, it couldn't be. She saw herself in the mirror before she went downstairs to answer the door, she was sure that she didn't look like this then... The only other person she saw since then was the mailman, did he somehow do this?

Sally ran to the window but the mail man's mail van was not in sight, so the only other thing she could do was...

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