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7. ...a MILF

6. ...see that your girlfriend ch

5. Mix room

4. ...a ticket to a resort that y

3. ...started to remember today i

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MILF Girlfriend

on 2023-10-29 00:44:17

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Your girlfriend stands there with a smile on her face. You wait, and wait, and wait some more. "Um, will something supposed to be happening, babe?" you ask her curiously

"Oh, it will, hun. But first, I just want to ask you something." your girlfriend responds.

"What's that?" you ask again.

"Have you ever thought about dating with an older woman?" your girlfriend asks you this question, which made you curious about it. Of course, you always wanted to date an older woman, like a college school girl, a mature woman who old enough to be your mom, and also maybe a GILF too. You always want to have something kinky and special relationship between a young man and an older woman, but you don't wanna cheat on your girlfriend. "Well, in truth, yeah I do. But let's say I don't want to cheat on you." you awkwardly answer.

"Teehee, I see, I know what you mean." your girlfriend smiles. "It's okay, honey. This is not what we call "cheating". It called "Fantasy Roleplaying" which you can have some erotic roleplaying game with your lover."

"Oh really? That's a relief." you relief. "Anyway, how old are you going to make yourself?"

"I don't know, maybe old enough to be your mother." She said, winking at you.

Before you have a chance to respond, your girlfriend started to visibly concentrate. The room took effect, and she started to visibly age and appearance. Subtle wrinkles start forming on her face. You looked at her arm and noticed that her arm became less youthfully toned, and instead the flesh of her arms slightly sagged. Her entire body seemed to get a slight layer of fat, especially around her hips, giving her body more of a pear-shape. Where once your young girlfriend stood, there was a much older woman, but she had aged gracefully. Age seemed to have enhanced her femininity. Altogether she seemed plusher and softer. Her breasts and ass seemed to both have a slight size increase together with a slight sag, causing your girlfriend's assets to be more eye-catching.

"So. How do you like my new look?" Your girlfriend says, while doing a little twirl showing off her older body. Her movements still had a childish air about them.

"It really suits you. I'd say you look great."

She smiles. Not only does her mouth smile, but the lines of her face makes her smile visible on her whole face.

"Not that you had to say anything. I could see it on how you were staring at me. Into older women, are we?" She says playfully.

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