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7. ...a Egyptian goddess.

6. ...see that your girlfriend ch

5. Mix room

4. ...a ticket to a resort that y

3. ...started to remember today i

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Iabet the Goddess of Fertility and Rebirth

on 2023-10-29 00:39:44

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Your girlfriend's skin shimmers, and seems to turn a golden hue, looking almost ethereal to you. Her face starts to change similarly, her eyes becoming a fierce red and eloquent blue highlights streaking across her eyelids, a hooked symbol emerging under one eye. Her hair changes to a cute bob, with several neatly arranged braids with blue and yellow bands holding them in place. She exhales deeply, a moan that seems to stimulate your own arousal, and smiles seductively at you.

"Babe, who'd you turn into?" you ask as you impressed.

"I am Iabet," she replies in an otherworldly tone. "I am the goddess of fertility and rebirth."

She steps towards you, totally naked and the sexiest thing you've ever seen, and pulls off your clothes forcefully. "Do not show me modesty, mortal. Show me..." She rubs her slit along your shaft, which instantly turns rock hard. "...mmm... virility. I must mate."

When she pushes your shaft between her lips, you feel like she's sharing every pleasured feeling with you, and try to maximize her pleasure and through it your own. When you cup and rub her breasts, you feel the same intense pleasure in your own chest. When your hands rub her sensitive clitoris, she sends the same waves of ecstasy through your rod. Once you finally cum inside her, you feel more pleasure than you think you ever have in your life, and like you've shot every drop of seed in your body into her. With that, both of you lay on the bed and rest. "So, mortal. How does it feel to be mate by the goddess of Egypt?" she asks as she broke the silent and lay next to you.

"Well, I'll say amazing, babe... I meant... m'lady or your highness..." you answers.

"It's fine, mortal. You can refer me as anything you want." she replies as she touch your face. "On top of that, I'm still your lover in the form of goddess."

"If you said so, my love." you respond to the goddess who is your girlfriend turn into as you both kiss passionately.

"So, mortal. What do you suggest we should do next?" she asks.

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