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15. In the next morning, you make

14. You and your shapeshifting gir

13. ...both take a shower.

12. your shapeshifting girlfriend

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Morning sex With Your Shapeshifting GF/Mom

on 2023-10-28 10:20:32

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In the next morning, you wake up tiredly as the bright sunlight coming from your window. You can't even get up because you had too much sex on yesterday with your shapeshifting. It was really tired, but you feel so great about yesterday with your shapeshifting girlfriend. At first, you came to her place as you discover your girlfriend is a 'shapeshiftress' (female shapeshifter) and than have sex with her as she turn into many women you have sex. Then later on, you both came to your house and continue for another round and you asked your girlfriend to turns herself into your own mother and then have sex with her, this is the kinkiest and some weird incest thing that you ever had, this is going to be the best summer ever you ever had with your shapeshifting girlfriend. After you get up on your bed, you realize that you're naked. "Of course, we have sex without some clothes on." you thought yourself as you remember yesterday. "Anyway, I better be prepare for the breakfast, it's just me and my lovely shapeshifting girlfriend. Oh wait, I forgot she my 'mom'."

With that, then watch your shapeshifting girlfriend/'mom' who is sleep next to you last night who is also naked. Yesterday, your former girlfriend loves to stay in your mother's body for a little longer, and you don't mind about it. Then, you gently wake your 'mom' up with a kiss on the lips. "Good morning, 'mom'." you smiles at her.

"Good morning, sweetie. Did you have a good sleep last night?" your girlfriend/mom asks.

"I did, 'mom'. With you." you answer.

"Well, I'm glad that you're enjoying it." your 'mom' smiles. "Hmm, I think your little friend here still want me, sweetie."

"I can't help it, 'mom'. I-"

"Shhh, don't worry, sweetie. I know that you're not the only one who had this problem." your shapeshifting girlfriend/mom says as she also touches your cock. "Well, let's say we have some good morning sex, shall we?"

After that, you and your 'mom' start to have another sex with each other in the morning. It's good that you both are please with each other. "It feels so good, 'mommy'." you respond as you keep thrusting her slowly.

"It really is, sweetie. Love your mommy more." your shapeshifting 'mom' moans softly. "Hmm, I think I have another idea."

While you thrust her in and out rhythmically, you thought what is she talking about. Suddenly, you saw your 'mom' changing her race making her look like an afro Ebony MILF. "Oh yeah, Sugah. Dat'z it. Dat'z the spot, fuck dis black mama, Sugah." she moans in her mature African accent.

"Holy Molly, 'mom'. You just turn a Black woman version of yourself." you shock as you stop thrusting her.

"Oh why are yah stop dere, Sugah? Keep goin'." your black MILF girlfriend/mama tells you as you continue to thrust her. This time, you speed up some more as you both moans loudly. While you keep this going, your black girlfriend/mom morphs a huge breasts Japanese MILF version of herself. "Ara ara... you really hard..." she moans in her cute Japanese voice, plus her breasts spit out some milk when she have a lactation. "Ara ara... milk a lot of mai jugs, you suckie suckie?"

With that, you suck one of her milky breasts and drick it, it tastes delicious just like your mother. Finally, you stop sucking her milky breast as your mother shrinks down and morphs into a younger version of your real mom who is the same age as you. "Do you like it, sweetie?" your young 'mom' asks in her younger cute voice.

"OMG, look so pretty cute, 'mom'." you answers shyly as you look at your mom who is now a cute girl same age as you.

"Teehee, thank you, sweetie. I didn't realize my 'own son' just calling me cute when I am young now." she smiles and then you kiss her. When you thrust her, you feel like you both are about to cum. Before returning to her older form, you both cum each other and release all of your semen inside her. You lay down on your bed next to your 'mother' as you both exhausted during you both have sex. Then you turn your head and look at your shapeshifting girlfriend/'mom' who is now back to her older form, you leans toward her and kiss passionately. "How was the good morning sex, sweetie?" she asks as she broke the kiss.

"I'll say, it's really great, 'mom'. I just love to have sex with you." you answers her.

"Teehee, I just glad that you enjoy it, and I just glad I spend time with my 'sweet boy'." you former girlfriend/mom smiles. "Anyway, what do you think we should do next sweetie?"

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