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16. "You wanna go to the gym?" you

15. ...your girlfriend is now a Eb

14. The Mall

13. ...go out on the date.

12. Your shapeshifting girlfriend

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Take your shapeshifting Ebony Girlfriend to the gym

on 2023-10-27 20:37:12

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Age BE FTF FTM Herm MC MTF Musc Size Super TF

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“Can we go to the gym?”

Your girlfriend looked confused “why there shugah?”

Blushing you admitted one of your major fetishes “I always had a thing for black women lifting weights and growing bigger, tougher, dominating and masculine I figured we could get some active wear and you can showcase it as you change.”

Your girlfriend stared wide eyed before cracking an accepting smile. “Lead the way.”

You scratched your head “ could you also have straightened hair dyed blonde? I love it when they have it like that.”

With a shrug the woman’s curly locks fell straight down her back and turned a platinum bottle blonde.

Your girlfriend waited patiently outside the sporting goods store awaiting you to return eventually you came out with a menagerie of different clothes and sneakers in different sizes the bags and boxes wobbling cartoonishly. Arriving at the gym with your girlfriend in tow you give her the first set of clothes and sent her into the changing room. Returning moments later in a sports bra,tank top and spandex that accentuated her round ass. Her hair was in a cute ponytail almost reading your thoughts.

As she began her routine of growing she started on the treadmill and began running as she began running her shapely dark legs began gaining tone as her waist narrowed taking on definition and her arms firmed up slightly her toned legs stretching upwards you watched in awe as she gained a couple inches each step after 20 minutes her shoes burst she concluded her warm up. Stepping off the machine you noticed that she now towered over you having grown from 5’6” to 7 feet even her spandex was halfway up her calves. Sending her to the dressing room to change into bigger shoes and longer pants you waited.

Eventually the peppy African toned woman came out. “I think ah’m ready for another exercise sweetie, by the way look at the other patrons occasionally I might have changed some things around and they will eventually be changed too starting with liking watching me grow for you.”

Looking around you saw their were four people other than you and your girlfriend taking notes of their appearances there was an overweight middle aged brunette white woman on a rowing machine, a muscular young Asian man lifting weights, a plump Arab teenage girl working the counter, and a thin elderly Hispanic man walking on a treadmill.

All you could do is nod and gulp nervously as you were transfixed on the ebony beauty before you. The tall African beauty sauntered seductively toward the free weights and began to pump 10 weights you watched in aroused awe as every pump seemed to grow her muscles a little more as they got easier and she got stronger she would grab a heavier weight. Her legs, torso and arms were becoming leaner. stronger, toned and defined looking like a bikini figure competitor. Her ass and breasts had shrunk slightly (almost f cups) as she took on an increasingly more muscular build as she lifted heavier weights. Her now extremely athletic arms were peaking up into softball sized biceps her shoulders were broader and her calves and quads were slightly larger than before.

Halfway through she started looking more like a CrossFit athlete as her body continued to bulk other slight changes was her ass and breasts shrinking further against her broadening chest and thickening legs her lips seemed a little thinner and her eyebrows looked a little more present. Her voice cracked a little lower as she set down the 100 pound free weights. “Dayum lemon drop I feel fantastic.”

Your girlfriend smirked slightly as she flexed for her boyfriend hearing the rippling of her tank top in the process. “Oops time for new fits c’mon little man all this exercise is making me hella horny.”

You gulped looking around “I didn’t know if that’s a good idea.” You noticed that the patrons were unconcerned all of them having changed slightly the desk girl seemed older and thinner, the Asian bodybuilder seemed to have longer hair, the thin elderly man was looking a little younger and more toned, and the middle aged woman was looking younger and more toned as well.

Running off to the locker room with her you eagerly undressed her pulling off her clothes one by one.rubbing her firm body in the shower you spread the tall black woman’s legs and fuck her doggystyle as her glistening muscles tensed up. After she got dressed in yet another set of clothes this time consisting of pink hot pants, a sports bra, and a tight t shirt. Exiting the showers with her you noticed that the patrons were leering at her seductively all of whom looked significantly different the desk girl was a young adult who looked like your girlfriend when she first exercised as well as the woman on the rowing machine and the two men looked a little feminine.

Approaching the bench weights your girlfriend loaded plates on the bar jerked it clean into the air. Grunting out reps of 15 and loading more weight on you watched in amazement as bulking body bulged bigger and bigger surging up through middle weight status. Her clothes started tearing at the sides as she started repping 400 pounds and her voice cracked even deeper as her traps slowly rose like bread loaves, her muscles becoming those of a professional heavyweight champion bodybuilder thickened and grew saturated deep grooves her tree trunk legs were wide and defined, her breasts shrank further going down to a d cup her, her hard ass becoming smaller,. Her face had slowly become even more harder and masculine as her jaw had widened, her lips shrank, her nose had swollen slightly, and her eyebrows looked fuzzy. During her 30th rep of 450 her shoes burst “Mothafucka this shit getting tired!”

Her voice was sounding deeper and raspy almost like a teenage boy’s in the middle of puberty”Come with me skinny I’m horny as fuck yo.”

She dragged you like a rag doll no caring about your response as her attitude was altering. Before getting dragged into the locker room you glanced around at the now masturbating naked patrons on the acrobatics mats who all looked radically different the Desk girl appeared to be in her thirties now and looked like an amateur heavyweight bodybuilder, the middle aged woman appeared to be now younger than the desk girl and was sporting muscles almost as big as your girlfriend’s,

The Asian man hadn’t grown much bigger but his face was more feminine as his lips plumped up and his nose shrank slightly yet still retaining a masculine shape and edge yet other changes had took place as his nails had grown longer with a pink rose nail polish and his hair had grown longer touching his broad shoulders, his nipples had grown puffy as tiny breasts were budding as his moans sounded breathy and more feminine.

The elderly man had regained his hair on top of his head and it gained volume as well and color red weaving into and then dominating his hair as it similarly grew down to his massive shoulders as he had regressed to about his forties and had bulked up considerably becoming the biggest your girlfriend included. Moaning in an almost bestial baritone growl the hulking as his calloused hands with blue nail polish similar to the one adorning your girlfriend’s nails stroked his member the musclebound man had obviously also been becoming more feminine but to a slighter degree growing flat droopy B cups as his now lantern jaw and primitive brow ridge made him look more primitive and masculine making his thickening eyelashes look odd under his thick eyebrows, as well as his plumper lips.

Your girlfriend tossed you into the locker room with ease and began ripping her clothes off her bulky body you were terrified and aroused as her panties slid off showing a clitoris about twice the size of your thumb nestled in a thick bush of black pubic hair. Rubbing her back, ass, legs, and diminished breasts you felt little coarse stubble appearing here and there among the light hairs and the thatched of underarm hair that appeared under her beefy arms after feeling your engorged penis touch her muscular ass she grabbed you and positioned herself so it would penetrate her anus She moaned heartily during her reward sex rubbing her engorged clit. Hurriedly dressing her in the last wardrobe gear you bought her which consisted of a loose pair of red basketball shorts, a baggy tank top, a pink small sports bra, and knee length purple socks. Trying on several pairs of shoes you were relieved that one seemed to fil. “Damn baby that’s a men size twelve!”

Your girlfriend smirked “I’m a grow’n gal shuga.”

Entering the exercise room you were both turned on and terrified of what you saw as the patrons had paired up and were pleasuring eachother all appearing to be on the final stages of being slightly androgynous muscle women as the Arab power lifter licked the blonde bodybuilder’s pussy and the Asian anabolic holic worked the now middle aged muscle behemoth’s atrophying cock.

Your girlfriend arrogantly waltzed up to an industrial grade power rack machine. She started grunting as she pumped sets switching positions, every time she wanted to up the weights she would now growl at you to do it in a slightly deeper and commanding voice. Halfway through you could see her inflamed and thickening her muscles growing ever larger as her bicep peaks rose bigger than her head she was growing muscles bigger than you’ve seen on male bodybuilders let alone a woman.

Outgrowing the 40 year old woman having sex nearby as more and more dense saturated muscles packed onto her now 8’ frame. Her face had become unbelievably rough and masculine as her wide lantern jaw dotted with stubble. Repping nearly half a metric ton her body was covered in veins and sweat as her ass indented into a corded clamshell and her beasts deflated into limp a cups her growling grunts became more masculine her head sized biceps had surged up to the size of melons and then overinflated beach balls. Her lats, traps quads, and bulging abs forming a protruding muscle gut had taken up all the clothing space making once baggy clothing tight as her socks tore along her pumpkin sized thighs. Getting up from the bench she had a smug look on her hard manly face you noticed hair appearing on her broad jutting chin and thin upper lip struck a dominating double bicep pose ripping her tank top a bit.

Dragging your practically limp body like luggage and slinging you over her extremely broad shoulders carrying you into the locker room you snapped out of it enough to see a glimpse of four massively muscular barrel chested masculine women pleasuring eachother as the door closed behind you. Ripping her clothes off one final time you stared awe struck as each of her muscle groups demanded you undivided attention. Admiring her impressive and impossibly muscular gorgeous steroid goddess body in the shower having to lather her out of necessity now as her arms and legs had limited maneuverability you drooled as you rubbed soap into her fuzzy back and ass her nipples had sprouted thick curly hairs that ran along her flattened breasts and down to a thick happy trail her clitoris which was already bigger than you’ve ever seen before had grown even larger than before becoming a little bigger than your cock. Her legs and arms were coated in dense hair that ran to her big and heavy hands and feet.

Your girlfriend abruptly stopped the water.
Frustrated you asked “No sex?!”

Your girlfriend smirked “I peeked in yo bag little shuga.”

Lifting up a male posing speedo from the now empty bag “You want me to put this on don’tcha?” Teasing playfully

You gulped and nodded with gratitude and guilt.

Sliding the speedo over her gigantic veiny thighs and over her fat clit she bit her bottom lip and began to moan in her powerful baritone voice as her ovaries shifted and dropped becoming a fat pair of nuts as her big clitoris swelled in a fat 1 foot long cock. Before you could react she lowered the posers and buried your face int her thick hairy cock almost suffocating you good thing you wanted to suck it because your girlfriend was giving you no choice. After cradling her balls and working her thick veiny shaft for a while she experienced her first male orgasm blowing a billowing load down your throat. She lumbered through the doors while you followed your naked girlfriend.

“Ladies let’s get a move on the world won’t dominate itself!”

Gulping you asked “What?”

Rolling her eyes your girlfriend said “oh yeah I forgot to mention that I’m from a race of flesh molders and my mom was keeping me demure with and amulet of holding.”

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