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14. It's your neighbor's daughter,

13. You both got interrupt by some

12. My next door neighbor lady

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

You are invited to come over at your neighbor next door

on 2023-10-27 10:52:23

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You look through the peephole in your door and spot none other than Claire Bradley, your neighbor girl, and Mrs. Bradley’s daughter. The mousy, petite, skinny girl with long wiry hair as red as her mother’s and oversized glasses that magnified her eyes was a good friend of your girlfriend.

You motion for your girlfriend/Mrs. Bradley to stay hidden while you open the door

“Hey Claire, what are you doing over here?” You ask her curiously.

“Well I was wondering if you’d seen my mother recently. I know she said she was going out with your mom, but I thought she’d be back by now.”

“Ummm yeah I’m not rea—.” You say nervously when suddenly “Mrs. Bradley” emerges from your parents’ bedroom In her running outfit.

“Oh hello Claire I thought that was you I heard. We just got back but Clara left with her husband. I was just on my way back now. Chris, why don’t you come along, don’t you wanna hang out with Andrew today?” Mrs. Bradley asks you as she gives you a wink.

“He’s not home now but he’ll be back soon.” Claire says.

“Sure, thanks for the offer Mrs. Bradley.” You say. As you all depart Mrs. Bradley gives your ass a squeeze and whispers in her ear to meet her in the bedroom.

When you arrive you and your shapeshifted girlfriend sneak into the bedroom and you tear the tight clothes off of your sexy milf girlfriend and you get down to business. Your girlfriend stays as Mrs. Bradley for a while before changing her race making her look like a red headed black woman, and a red headed Japanese woman, and a young teenage Mrs. Bradley before returning to her Milf form as you both cum.

You pull the covers over the two of you as you begin to cuddle.

This was a dream come true for you. It couldn’t get any better you thought, but it was about to get worse when...

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