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12. your shapeshifting girlfriend

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Mother Know Sex - Your Shapeshifting Girlfriend Morphs into Your Mom

on 2023-10-27 10:29:42

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Age BE FTF Size Super TF

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" mom." you asked her awkwardly.

"You want me to turn into your mom? Now, that's kinky and I like the sound of that." your girlfriend said as she's so excited. "Y'know, now that you're saying this, I just hope you're ready 'cause 'mommy' is going to please you."

With that, your girlfriend push you back to the sofa as she hops on top of you and then put your cock inside her pussy as she's thrusting. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!! Come to mommy." she shouts as she feels the sensation. Then you saw your girlfriend's body is going to change, you first saw her breasts are growing into double F cups and so as her body shape into a beautiful hourglass figure, then her face and voice are changing into someone a little bit mature and very familiar of your mother's image. And finally in 10 seconds later, when her transformation was complete, the person who is on top of you and make love with you isn't no longer your girlfriend, but the almost perfect naked body of a beautiful woman you just happen to call mom. Your 'mom' (who is your girlfriend morphs into) looks down to you and smiles,"Well, that was a wild ride, wasn't it?" Your transformed girlfriend asked with your mom's voice and her new attitude.

"Oh my god, that's incredible, you sound like my mom and act like my mom too." you impress your girlfriend with her shapeshifting power.

"Thank you, dear." your former girlfriend smiles. And then when you both finished conversations, she continued to move up and down rhythmically. Soon after this your girlfriend in the form of your mother speeds up more and more, you sit up and grab her hips making her go even faster. "Oh god, I gotta cum!" You shouts.

"Oh my baby boy, cum into me! Give your mommy your seed!!" she shouts as she demanded you. With the newfound speed, your girlfriend/mother finally hits the spot and forces you deep inside of her where you finally explode. You hold her tightly against you and kiss her gently as you continue to release your seed deep within her. Both of you exhausted, you fall on the sofa as you both lay there and kissing each other. After a time you pull back and look at your girlfriend who is still in your mother's form, she smiles at you. "Wow, that was the kinkiest sex we ever had, honey. I think that I love being your mom, do you mind if I stay in your mother's body or just stay as your regular girlfriend?" your shapeshifting girlfriend asked.

"Hehe" you laugh as you reply, "Well, if you want to, I don't mind if you stay my mom, but as long as my parents wasn't home, you can also." Your girlfriend/mother smiles again and the two of you go back to kissing. During the kiss, you...

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