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9. and him/her have sex ev

8. "Hey, what are you waiting for

7. Your girlfriend picks a 10-yea

6. ...there are a tone of realist

5. ...headed to basement and look

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Make love to you girlfriend/little boy

on 2023-10-26 17:14:32

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Age FTM Hive MC Pos SciFi Size TF

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Even if the little boy is technically just your girlfriend in a skin suit, it still feels so wrong to make out with him. So why can't you stop yourself? Your hands cores hid tiny body, so small and fragile. You easily pin the "boy" to the mattress, his slender arms unable to resist the strength of one of your your hands while the other goes wherever you want. He can't stop you. Not that he wants you to stop. Your done letting this brat do as he wants. Your girlfriend insisted upon being a little boy, and he refused to wear any clothes and spent all day being a teasing little brat instead. Now he'd get what was coming to him.

He moaned in seeming confused pleasure with your tongue throughly exploring his mouth. His hairless legs curled around your waist. A strand of saliva lingered as you lips parted from his panting mouth. His adorable face was flushed red and his eyes gazed half lidded up at you. Did he think you were done? Far from it.

Still pinning the little brat's arms above his head, you go to nipple on his right nipple while your free hand plays with his left. To your surprise, your girlfriend / brat reacted far more to the nipple play than the tickling. Was he really that sensitive?

"Ah! Ah! Mister! Aaah! That feels...! Oh! Mmm... Oooh. No, please, slow down... I... I can't... Aah!" You do not slow down though. Nibbling, pinching, licking, flicking, circling, sucking... You play the moaning boy like an instrument, until his quivering pleading becomes incomprehensible babble.

Sticking your fingers into his mouth and making his suckle on them, you use his saliva as lube as you begin to finger him, opening his hole one finger at a time. The poor boy doesn't seem to know how to process all these new experiences. Had you been more aware you might have questioned why you're sexually experienced girlfriend was actiad if she didn't even know what sex was, but right now you were just far too turned on to second guess yourself.

Now he's finally ready. You let go of his pinned arms and use both hands to grip his hips. He's no longer trying to playfully fight you off him, but just twitching and drooling as if you've already broken his mind.

A twinge of awareness returns to his eyes as the tip of your lubed up cock finds the brats quivering hole. "Mister..." the boy whimpers, half in fear, half in need. You shove into him and he throws his head back and moans. One long passionate moan as you slowly push deeper and deeper and deeper into your transformed girlfriend.

Finally all the way in, you look down at the gasping little boy beneath you. You can't believe how tiny his body in cimpated to yours. Yet you're inside him. Her? You don't care anymore. You just want to fuck. You need to fuck! You pound away, holding the brat by the hips and thrusting as fast as you can. He cries out, clutching the bedding like a life raft. He's so tight as the bed rocks as if on a turbulent sea.

You raise his hips so his knees are next to his head and your pounding him directly down into the bed from above.

"M... Mister!" your girlfriend / boy cries out after ten minutes of relentless fucking. "Something's coming out...!" Sweat dripping from your chin, you pick up even more pace and time you orgasms to sink up. You fill the brats ass as he let's out a stream of cum all over his own face.

Panting, you lie down next to you girlfriend and sleepily watch his cum covered face. You could get used to your girlfriend looking like this.

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