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8. "Hey, what are you waiting for

7. Your girlfriend picks a 10-yea

6. ...there are a tone of realist

5. ...headed to basement and look

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Babysitting A Naked Little Brat

on 2023-10-26 17:10:14

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Age FTM MC Pos SciFi TF

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"Hey, what are you keep standing and staring at me like that? Aren't we supposed to have some fun? There are nothing in the basement, but just some stupid stuff and a lot of messy boxes."

"chuckle Well, don't blame me, 'kid'. you're the one who ask me to come to the basement for something interesting." you chuckles to your girlfriend in a random naked 10-year-old boy's skinsuit as you play along and thought that she was acting a complaining little brat.

"Don't call me a 'kid'. Just because you're my babysitter, that doesn't mean you could boss around." your former girlfriend replies back to you as she really behaves like a little kid, this is getting weird right now. But maybe, she was just playing with you. "Can we just go upstairs, it's kinda booooooring... in the basement." your girlfriend asks.

"sign Alright, fine. Let's go upstairs and watch some movies, plus I'll get you some clothes." you deeply sign.

"Nuuh-uh, I don't wanna. I love being naked and you ain't gotta make me wear anything." S/he talks back to you as s/he's being a brat.

"Well, as your 'babysitter', when I said you wear your clothes, you do it." you reply back.

"I don't care, you're not the boss of ME! I can do whatever I want. Plus catch me if you can, Mr. Babysitter." your former girlfriend in young boy's body finishes and then dashes upstairs from the basement around.

"Hey, get back here, KID! Damn, that brat is fast, wait... she's my girlfriend." you run and chase after him/her as s/he runs around in naked body of a little, you're glad that your parents weren't around. When you chase him/her, you're really exhausted and can't even catch him, so this is why it feels like babysitting a little brat like him. After you rest for a while, you continue to chase and try to catch him around the house. With that, you finally caught this little shit(who is your girlfriend wearing the skinsuit) and pinned him on the bed. With him pinned, you start tickling him/her as s/he giggles and please for you to stop. "Hahaha haha,.... stop.... please.... I give up... no more..." s/he begs.

"Are you gotta listen to me?" you ask as you keep tickling him until he give up.

"Okay,... okay... you win... I surrender... please... stop..." then you stop tickling him/her as she or he give up, but at this point you start to feel a little awkward. Sure, it really was your girlfriend, but for a second it really felt like you were doing something weird with a 10-year-old kid.

With that, when the little boy/your former girlfriend sees you stop and tries her hand at an attack. She reaches an arm up and pulls you by your shirt into a kiss. As you two kiss, things begin to feel really weirder. On one hand you know it's your girlfriend, but on the other it really feels like your kissing a little KID!

After the kiss you both slowly move away, and remain silent for a minute. However, after a time your girlfriend or the little boy finally break the silence. "Sorry, I shouldn't do this to my babysitter, but to me it felt right somehow."

After she or he said this, it's true that this boy is your girlfriend who you love for your whole life, but it feels gay and weird for making out with little kid. With that,...

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