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You takes your girlfriend to a Magical Resort for her birthday

on 2023-10-26 13:05:10

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You knew you wanted to take your relationship with your girlfriend to the next level and you thought it was the best thing to get her to agree was take her on vacation for her birthday, you just glad that you have a ticket for a couple only. The place wasn't just any place, it was a Magical Resort where your transformation fantasies come true. Each room has the ability to let you transform yourself into anything you want to be, depending on the theme.

There is a room for people who like to be a different:

Size (height, weight, muscle, etc.)
object (spend your vacation as an object)

Then, there is the most expensive room that has no limit on what you transform into. You could change your age, species, gender and size all at once.

The room you had rented for the vacation was the...

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