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IOC: Nanos Case 156 Resolution

on 2023-10-18 11:02:21

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Aware MC MTF Musc Part_Swap SciFi Twin

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50 minutes later:

Whitney was scrolling on her phone when the door to the waiting area at the IOC opened and she let out a little squeal when she saw Gerry walk out. From the neck down, he looked the same and stood the same as Whitney always did. His face, on the other hand, looked like his if he had been born female and had been to a number of excellent plastic surgeons.

“Oh my god girl you look great!” Whitney said, running over for a hug.

“Oh my god girl I feel great! I can’t wait to make use of your attractions. Boys beware!” Gerry said with a melodic voice.

“Should we wait on Tessa and Kieran?” one of them asked

“And miss out on shopping with our twin!? We only have an hour left!” the other said.

They interlinked arms and walked out of the IOC towards their favorite boutique.

15 minutes after Gerry came out:

Tessa stepped out of the chamber, shaking her head. She didn’t have any changes physically, but she got a slight grin when she looked down at herself and hefted her right breast.

She heard the hiss of Kieran’s chamber opening up and shifted her weight onto her right heel as she watched him come out.

The legs, skirt, top, and tits were familiar, but the long red hair down to his shoulders was a new look for him. His face was cute and was a combination of his and Tessa’s. Tessa looked a little closer and saw that there was no hair on his legs nor arms.

“Dang hottie! You pull off the ginger very well!” Tessa said, walking up to Kieran and putting her arm around his waist.

“Yeah, this is going to be different, but I don’t think I hate it.” Kieran said, pulling his hair up off his back and letting it settle. “I’m glad you talked me into keeping this.” he said, patting at the front of his skirt, which started to tent out.

“Yeah! Me too. You know Henny is kind of freaky.” Tessa said, ogling Kieran’s breasts as they began to walk out the door.

“So… what’s next?” Kieran asked.

“I think we can figure that out at your house…” Tessa said, with a mischievous grin as she pinched Kieran on the ass.

Henny cleaned a smudge off of her glasses as she reached for another tissue. Just another 6.25 days and she can be out of this shitty form.

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