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13. Nano Case 156: Mall Help

12. Case 121 Follow Up

11. Case 121 Resolution

10. Nano Case 121 - Oversharing

9. Case 96 resolution

8. Nano Case 96: Teen Bets

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3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nanos Complaints Case 156: Mall Help

on 2023-10-18 10:44:49

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Aware MTF Multi Musc Part_Swap SciFi Twin

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“What fresh hell is this!?” Henny said, returning to her little office on the first day of her weeklong stint in the Nanos complaints department. “A runny fucking nose!?” she said, grabbing the floral handkerchief out of her cardigan’s pocket. She saw a glimpse of herself in the dingy mirror on the wall. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked like she should be at home, resting, and not at work. Fortunately, it was all just part of the act and she really felt fine, but it was still annoying.

With a sniff she began clicking on the old, yellowing keyboard in front of her. If you saw the large crt monitor from the side it would look like it was flickering and ancient. Inside, however, was a very modern screen, complete with blue light filters to help with eye fatigue.

With a bored sigh Henny opened up her queue and selected the top one off the list.

Physical : Copy of physical proportions of female friend Tessa Hampton (954035641-A-Source). Copy of musculature and flexibility.
Mental Change: None
Other: None

“Pretty simple” Henny said.

Physical: Copy of physical proportions of female friend Whitney Miller (954035641-B-Source). Copy of musculature, flexibility , skin, genitalia, skin sensitivities, and hair.
Mental Change: replace mannerisms and vocal style with that of Whitney Miller (954035641-B-Source)
Other: None

“Okay, so they probably want to change back or some shit. Here we go.” Henny said, dramatically pausing with her finger in the air before pressing the giant button on her desk. With an audible “thack” it depressed, and she heard a buzzer and automated voice over a crackling speaker calling for Case 156.

“They spend so much fucking money making this place look run down. It’s like a shitty Disney World” Henny said to herself.

The door opened, and 4 girls walked in. The first two had identical straight brown hair, and had the exact stature and similar posture. Taking her glasses off and letting her eyes adjust, Henny could see that the girl on the right, wearing short burgundy shorts and a white halter top with a deep v, had a very masculine face. The second girl was wearing jeans and a burgundy top that was the same color as the first’s shorts. The girl with the masculine face sat down and crossed her legs, showing off the brown mules with a 2 inch heel that she had been wearing. Henny noted that they were both pretty slim, with pert but small breasts - more of a runner’s build than anything.
They were both chewing gum, and sat in the same manner.

The third girl to walk in was a blonde - Henny assumed it to be Tessa, and was dressed pretty nicely in a white tank top and navy blue patterned shorts. She was a bit shorter than the first two, but it was made up for with wide hips, shapely thighs, and some nice boobs.

The last to enter was obviously the male who had not taken too many changes. He still had a scraggly beard, as high school guys would have, and shorter red hair that was not very well kept. He was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a short plaid skirt. The black chuck taylors on his feet didn't quite give him the height to match up with his obvious physical twin.

He extended his hand to Henny for a handshake. “Kieran” He said.

“Pass me that box of tissues. I’m definitely feeling a cold.” Henny said, instead of taking his hand.

Kieran looked to a corner shelf and saw an old box of tissues and passed them over, opting to not offer a handshake again.Henny blew her nose into a tissue and tossed it into the bin next to her.

“Ew gross!” Whitney, the brown haired girl said.

“Yeah, like gross.” The guy with her features said.

With a bored and unattached tone Henny began: “Okay so like you know can’t reverse changes, IOC not responsible for bad requests, if you lied on the form that’s on you… yadda yadda.”

She looked up as she saw Kieran looking for a seat. “There are only 3 chairs. You’ll just need to stand.”

“Can I grab one from outside? I mean, there was a stack of them in the hallway.” Henny replied, opting to not add that the stack of chairs was placed there for looks.

“No. You'll be fine. You’re young. And from the looks of it you are still the gentleman in the room I presume?” Henny said.

“Yes.” Kieran said, trying to be official and helpful.

“Well nice skirt either way.” Henny said, with a slight dig at Kieran’s manhood.

“Well, it was either that or tights or a dress cause everything else is too tight for his gross dick.” the brown haired man said.

“And you don’t seem to have that problem.” Henny said, gesturing to his crotch.

“Nope! I went full on as a copy here of Whitney and it’s been pretty, like, cool.” He said.

“Okay, so what’s the problem here?” Henny asked.

Whitney put an arm out to stop the others from speaking and began:
“Okay, so me and Tess here are going to go prom dress shopping, and we are having a hard time. See we wanted to see how each other looked, but needed to know how each dress_felt_ you know? Like sure I look great in_like_everything but do I feel sexy or pretty or slutty? So we needed to be able to try on the dresses too.” she explained. “So we couldn't just swap temporarily like we have done; we needed someone to model for us, as us.” she said.

“Yeah! And the heels!” the blonde Tessa said.

“Oh yeah, and, like, we needed to see what the heels looked like with the dresses and all and so that was a whole thing with this one.” she said, pointing over at Kieran.

“Okay, so you didn’t like heels?” Henny asked.

“Not one bit. Uncomfortable and hard to walk in.” Kieran said.

“But we had fun watching you learn. And the rewards weren't that bad.” Tessa said, with a smirk.

“Rewards?” Henny asked. She started to get into this case.

“Yeah, after I made it 3 full days in stilettos Tessa shared her cheerleader outfit with me as well as some of her sexy underwear. I got to try all of that on one night on my own. I… enjoyed that.” Kieran said.

“Yeah, I know you did.” Whitney said, with a grossed out expression. “Our rooms are right next to each other.”

“And we had a lot of fun with their other clothes too.” Gerry said. “Like, tights felt really cool and I really had fun with some of Whitney’s tight clothes - like it feels so different. And the bras - I guess I have her personality - but they are so pretty and look fucking great on me!” he said.

“Yeah, and while I can’t do shorts, it’s kind of fun to wear skirts, and I guess I kind of like Tessa’s comfortable heels. Feels different I guess.” Kieran admitted. “But mostly having such a different stature is weird - like I fit into chairs differently but I can’t reach the top shelf without climbing anymore. And these wide hips do bump into stuff.”

Tessa added with a mischievous grin “And I know you were having fun with my flexibility. Whitney said she heard you doing my cheers and dance routines.”

“Okay fine, it’s fun as hell. Not gonna lie. Ready to change back tho.” Kieran said.

“Okay, so how do you all know each other?” Henny asked.

“He’s my brother.” Whitney said, pointing over to Kieran. “And Gerry here is Tessa’s brother. We thought it would be weird to have them be copies of us, you know. And I know that Kieran has had a crush on Tessa for a long time.”

“Dude!” Kieran said.

“We all knew.” Gerry said, flipping his brown hair over his shoulder.
“So I assume that shopping went well and now you are ready to change back but you can’t and now you want the IOC to fix it for you.”

“I mean, yeah, we helped them pick out some great dresses and Gerry and Whitney did go get to try a bunch of hairstyles and stuff so yeah - the shopping went well. And we had fun shopping for other clothes but now I need to change back.” Kieran said.

“Not happening. You specifically copied Tessa’s proportions and body - there’s nothing we can do to change that.” Henny said.

“What!?” Kieran said.

Whitney smirked.

“You mean I’m stuck with… These?” Kieran said, grabbing his breasts. “They are just in the way, they don’t even, like, feel cool. And I look like a fucking freak!” he exclaimed, panicked.

“Wait, and I_like_ am stuck talking like this slut!? No offense sugar.” Gerry said.

“None taken, you lil bitch!” Whitney giggled.

“And the clothes and shit. Like what am I supposed to do!? My parents are going to be so mad at me!” Gerry whined.

Henny, losing interest in this case, interjected. “That’s not our problem. You’re right you are stuck - can’t go back from this. Gerry, you especially are pretty locked in as your friend’s little sister. Other than that face there’s not a lot you can do. I imagine you’ll need to find some lesbians to date?”

“And Kieran, you are not as far along as Gerry - I guess you could find some masculine clothes but I’m willing to bet that your ass will always be unmistakable and those shoulders - never going to be masculine again.” Henny said. Kieran’s shoulders slumped. “And Bikini tops at least for you moving forward.”

“But, I know of a solution for you guys that I think you’ll enjoy. It involves three of you.”

With a hopeful look, Kieran asked Henny to explain.

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