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127. DMU RB Andrews - Into Tiffany’

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DMU RB Andrews - Into Tiffany’s room

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Abby let herself be guided gently through Tiffany’s apartment until they arrived at her friends bedroom. She had been here multiple times before, but never like this. Tiffany dragged her inside and closed the door behind her, before turning back to stare at Abby with a hungry look in her eye.

“Well, I hardly think it’s fair that I’m the only one that’s naked!” She purred. Abby looked her friend up and down, her eyes falling on the skirt still wrapped around her waist.

“But you’re not…” she began as Tiffany expertly removed the rest of her clothing before she could finish her sentence.

“You were saying?” She grinned, “now strip!” She said, sounding more like a command than a request. Abby stared dumbfounded at Tiffany’s naked form. To her she was perfect, no wonder she had so many guys chasing her.

‘If that’s what she wants, that’s what she’ll get!’ She thought to herself as she first undid her jeans and dropped them to the floor along with her boxers. She kicked the pool of clothes off from her feet along with her shoes, then climbed onto Tiffany’s bed. She pulled her socks off, then slowly began to unbutton her blouse as Tiffany watched on eagerly. Abby looked up and caught her friends gaze, then with a wink she slowly removed her blouse, and unhooked her bra, dropping both to the floor. She briefly felt very exposed, kneeling on Tiffany’s bed, completely naked. She could feel her cock start to deflate, and she quickly grabbed it on hand, squeezing gently to try and get it hard again.

“Let’s see if I can help with that!” Tiffany chuckled as she clambered onto the bed and positioned herself so that they were both facing each other, their bare breasts almost touching. Abby could feel her heart pounding with excitement as Tiffany tilted her head slightly to the side and she leaned forward. Their lips met and Abby instantly reached around and grabbed Tiffany by the waist with one arm, pulling her in close. She could feel their bare chests press up against each other, and she felt a shudder of anticipation roll through her, causing her semi-flaccid member to throb again.

‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ She thought to herself as she felt Tiffany’s tongue enter her mouth. She suddenly let out a deep moan in her throat as she felt her friends hand slide between them and slowly began working her stiffening cock once more. She in turn slid her hand between Tiffany’s legs, and slowly traced a finger along the edge of her lips, and she felt Tiffany shiver as she did so. Abby smiled inwardly as a strange sense of control took over her, and she knew what she needed to do next. She removed her hand from Tiffany’s legs, and reached up. Gently she pushed on her friends shoulders, guiding her down until she was laying on the bed. She grabbed the black top sheet off of the covers and pushed it towards the bottom of the bed, making a cushioned spot for her as she shifted down by Tiffany’s feet.

“Abby wha…” Tiffany began, but was silenced by Abby placing a finger over her lips.

“Trust me” she said with a wink as she placed her hands on Tiffany’s knees and pushed them apart. She leant forward, bending at the waist, until her face was inches away from Tiffany’s completely shaved vagina. She took a deep breath in through her nose, inhaling the sweet scent of her arousal, before sticking her tongue out and gently brushing it over Tiffany’s clit. This made her friend squeak with surprise and delight.

“Oh shit Abs, what’s gotten into you?” She gasped as Abby pushed herself further into her crotch, clamping her lips around her clit, and gently sucking inwards to seal it in. She began eagerly flicking her tongue around, as Tiffany l moaned loudly and reached forward, grabbing a handful of her hair. This only spurred Abby on and she reached between her own legs and began to play with her member.

“Oh shit Abs!” Tiffany gasped as she felt her whole body tense up. She clamped her legs tightly against Abby’s head as she began to convulse with pleasure, letting out a few choked squeals. Abby felt her tense up completely for few seconds before she dropped her legs away and started gasping.

“Fuck me, that’s the best oral I’ve ever had!” She said raggedly as she sat up, “now get over here and lay down” she added, patting the spot on the bed next to her. Abby got to her knees and wiped Tiffany’s juices from her mouth with the back of her hand. Her member was at full attention now, and throbbing with excitement. She manoeuvred herself over to the spot Tiffany indicated and laid down. Tiffany smiled down at her as she laid back.

“I need you in me now!” She growled as she straddled her waist facing away from her. She grabbed Abby’s cock with one hand and held it up as she slowly lowered herself down. She deftly guided the head between her lips, and Abby nearly lost control as she felt the slick warmth envelope her.

“Oh you’re so tight!” Abby grunted as Tiffany began to slowly moved up and down, bouncing at the knees.

“It’s cause you’re so thick” she moaned back as she began to pick up speed, rocking back and forth as she did. Abby looked down and marvelled at the sight of her best friend riding her new cock like crazy. She gazed in wonder at every curve, revealing in a sight she thought she’d never see as Tiffany turned slightly, clamping one hand on her own backside as she pressed down firmly against Abby’s groin and began to grind against it.

Abby felt the familiar pressure building within her, as she began to buck her hips in time with Tiffany’s movements.

“Tiff, I’m about to cum!” She grunted.

“Fuck, me too!” Tiffany gasped, “I want you cum inside me!” She added breathlessly.

“But…” Abby began, but it was too late. She could feel the wave of pleasure sweep through her, and a sudden hit sensation shoot up her shaft. Tiffany felt it too and she screamed with joy as Abby exploded inside her. She slowed her movements, squeaking occasionally between gasps. She leant forward on her hands and carefully lifted herself up and off Abby’s still throbbing member. The sensation of her head slipping out of Tiffany’s folds caused Abby to convulse again slightly as another wave of cum oozed out of her.

“Fuck me Tiff, that felt amazing!” Abby gasped as her friend moved to lay next to her. She pulled Abby’s arm out and she laid down on top of it. Abby instinctually wrapped her arm around her, pulling her into a tight hug as she lay on her back. They both lay together gasping and sweating for a few moments.

“It sure did” Tiffany purred, as she wiped the sweat from her brow and rolled onto her side, draping an arm over Abby’s chest, “maybe we could do it again sometime?” She added. Abby wasn’t sure, but she almost sounded hopeful.

“I thought you never went for the same guy twice?” She asked coyly.

“Well let’s just say you’ve made me reconsider my policy” Tiffany smiled as she began to trace a finger around one of Abby’s nipples, “and besides, you’re not at guy are you?” She added. Abby chuckled at the reply, and looked down at her friend as she snuggled in deeper against her.

“Maybe we could” she mused out loud.

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