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109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

106. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

105. DMU - Jon gets his

104. DMU - a new experience for Lau

103. DMU - Jon’s turning point

102. DMU - Movie night

101. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

100. DMU - Jon takes a shower

99. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

98. DMU - Lydia discovers some mor

97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

96. DMU - Simon and Karyn talk

95. DMU - Lucy’s plan

94. DMU - at the mall part 3: path

93. DMU - at the mall part 2

92. DMU -at the mall part 1

91. DMU - Things progress

90. DMU - Biff repays the favour

DMU - Sarah puts her plan into action

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Lucy turned off the taps now the bath had filled nicely. There was plenty of bubbles, and she’d lit a few candles.

“There, that should help her relax!” She said happily. A brief image of the now maturer Sarah laying naked in the soapy water flashed across her mind, causing her cock to stir a little. She reached down and adjusted herself before shaking the image from her head. With a sigh she lit one more candle before heading back into the bedroom to let Sarah know it was ready. As she walked through the door she saw her sitting on the high stool by the vanity. She had to admit Sarah looked good in her old dressing gown, the sight of her eliciting another twitch downstairs.

“You’re good to go” she said, nodding her head towards the bathroom, “hopefully it helps” she added.

“Actually…” Sarah replied with a wry grin, “I’ve thought of a way we can help each other”

“I don’t need any help” Lucy said, “I’m fine”

“Nonsense” Sarah said sternly, “I know you mom, admit it this whole thing has probably get you stressed, never mind dealing with that asshole Robert.” She added, leaning back in her seat. Lucy sighed again, and put a hand over her face.

“Yeah, fine.” She groaned “it’s not been great. But I’m trying to make to best of a bad situation. I guess I am feeling a bit stressed.” she added.

“Well, I know just how to help you there” Sarah purred. Lucy pulled the hand away from her face, and her jaw dropped. Sarah was sitting there, dressing gown open and her legs spread wide. Lucy’s former vagina on full display. She slid two fingers down her stomach and circled her clit.

“Sarah!” She gasped, as she felt her cock instantly spring to life at the sight.

“Come on Luce” Sarah said with a wink, “I know you’ve been staring at me. I bet you’ve been dying for a piece of this!” She added, utilising some of her techniques normally reserved for Biff. It seemed to be working, as Lucy’s pizza boxers were tenting massively.

“Sarah we can’t, your my..” Lucy began.

“You heard Jon and Laura, genetics and all that. I’m sure if you checked with Dr Phillips he’s tell you we’re probably not related any more.” Sarah said hopping off the seat and stepping forward. She placed her hands on Lucy’s shoulders and turns her round, hiding her onto the stool.

“I can tell you want this!” She added as she slid to her knees in front of her, softly caressing the rock hard bulge in her shorts. Lucy was overcome with intense feelings. The way Sarah’s hands felt on her cock, the hungry look in her eyes, they all added up, overwriting any uncertainty.

“God I do!” She growled. Sarah made a cute giggle then reached her hands into the fly if the boxers and pulled out her throbbing member.

“I thought so!” She said with a wink and quickly inserted the head of Lucy’s penis into her mouth.

“Oh shit!” Lucy gasped through gritted teeth as she looked down and their eyes met. Sarah expertly began to suck up and down on the shaft, loving the taste of her mothers pre-cum. She had liked the taste of Biffs, but this was so much better. She sucked and licked away, enjoying the gasps and groans she was eliciting from Lucy.

“Oh fuck Sarah, you’re so good at this!” Lucy groaned as her cock started the throb again and again. Sarah could feel it pulsing in her mouth.

‘Not yet you don’t’ she thought to herself as she pulled away.

“Aww, I was so close!” Lucy moaned.

“I know” Sarah said with a wink as she stood and pulled Lucy to her feet. She grabbed the stool and dragged it over to her. Placing on knee on the seat she bent over, allowing Lucy another full view of her dripping lips.

“I want you to show me what you can do with that monster!” She said in a sultry voice. Lucy grabbed her cock in her now meaty hands and gave it a tug or two.

“Ok” she grunted, lust filling every inch of her body, “just be careful what you wish for!”

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