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99. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

98. DMU - Lydia discovers some mor

97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

96. DMU - Simon and Karyn talk

95. DMU - Lucy’s plan

94. DMU - at the mall part 3: path

93. DMU - at the mall part 2

92. DMU -at the mall part 1

91. DMU - Things progress

90. DMU - Biff repays the favour

89. DMU - Mollies morning

88. DMU - catching up in the tub

87. DMU - Some more changes for Jo

86. DMU - Revelations with Sarah

85. DMU - plans for the day

84. DMU - Lydia’s visit

83. DMU - Jon makes some plans

82. DMU - Karyn & Ruby

81. DMU - Jon and Laura talk

80. DMU - Laura’s turn

DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening begins

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Dinner went by pretty uneventfully at the Gibson house, Jon had made a simple stir-fry that everyone seems to enjoy, and once the dishes were cleared everyone had gone their separate ways. Following Ruby’s suggestion, they had decided to use the rooms they had been waking up in as their own spaces now, therefore Zoe and Athena were hanging out in Jon’s old room, Mikey was admiring his new look in Zoe’s mirror, Simon was reading in the spare room, and Karyn was playing with a few of Mikey’s toys in his room. Jon and Laura were both in the master bedroom getting ready to shower after another work out again. Jon was currently finishing up a phone call with Ruby.

“That’s great, I’m sure Lucy will appreciate the help” he said, “yes we’ll keep you posted of anything new. Bye” he added as he hung up. He put the phone down on the bed and turned to Laura who was dressed in a very sweaty white vest and grey shorts.

“We’ll, Ruby says she’d be more than happy to get the word out about Lucy’s little party” he said. His workout gear consisted of a yellow sports bra, and blue yoga-pants. His longer hair was still tied back and he wore a pair of white pumps. He tossed his phone onto the mattress and heard a thud from behind him as his slid down the back of the bed.

“Oh hell!” He muttered as he turned around and climbed into the bed to retrieve it. Laura stared at him for a few moments, he was starting to look incredibly womanly to her, even face had taken on more mature female proportions. Jon fished his phone out of the gap and got back up on his knees. He turned his head and saw her staring at him.

“Like what you see?” He teased as he pushed his rear a little further out. This snapped Laura out of her daze.

“What…I…well” she stammered.

“Relax,” he chuckled, “I’m only teasing. Mind if I shower first?” He added.

“No, I don’t mind waiting” Laura replied, blushing a bit with embarrassment. She was once again aware of the increasing bulge in her boxers. Jon smiled and made his was into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He removed his clothes, but left his hair up, not wanting to get it wet. He felt amused at the reaction his little tease had got from Laura. The feel of her gaze on him had made him feel somewhat desirable, giving him some unusual tingling in his groin. He flexed one of his arms, pleased to see he’d still kept a little bit of his muscle mass.

“Still got it” he smirked to himself as he turned the shower on and climbed in

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