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98. DMU - Lydia discovers some mor

97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

96. DMU - Simon and Karyn talk

95. DMU - Lucy’s plan

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DMU - Lydia discovers some more changes

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Animal Anthro FTM MTF Part_Swap

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Lydia and Max looked at each other in surprise.

“What was that?” He asked as they both staggered into their new walking positions. Lydia caught a glimpse of an upright figure move past the door. She felt a small wave of panic wash through her. She was about to reply when she caught the scent of meat, causing her stomach to growl.

“I’m not sure we’ll like the answer” she replied, “but let’s go see. I’m starving.” She added as they both made their way towards the house with surprising ease considering their current positions. Lydia entered the kitchen first and what she saw made her heart freeze for moment. Both Buster and Penny were stood on their hind legs, just like in her dream, only they seemed to have a distinctly human shape to them. Buster was still wearing a pair of her yoga pants that hugged his legs tightly allowing her to see the shape of them. He was even showing curves at his waist which looked strange with his tail hanging limply from his back. She glanced over at Penny who was setting down two bowls of food, not even struggling with her paws.

“Fffood” she growled as she stood back upright. Lydia was surprised to see how much taller the retriever seemed from this angle. She looked over at the bowls, and her mouth began to water as she took stock of the juicy meat within. She walked over and hovered her face over the food. Her stomach growled again, reminding her of how hungry she was. She half shrugged, half sighed internally and bent her arms down so she could lean forward.

‘Am I really doing this?’ She thought to herself as the scent of meat and gravy filled her nostrils. Her stomach growled for a third time, and she gave up. She opened her mouth and dove forward, taking a bite of the bowls contents. It tasted just as amazing as the day before, and soon she was greedily chomping away. She was aware of Max next to her doing the same in his bowl. Before she knew it she had consumed most of the food, and there was only a few bits left at the bottom of the bowl that she couldn’t quite reach. She strained her neck trying to get closer, and stuck her tongue out to try and lick the remnants off. To her surprise her tongue reached and she happily lapped up the last few morsels. It wasn’t until she finally pulled back and sat up that she noticed her tongue felt a bit too big for her mouth. She looked over at Max who was sitting next to her, a similarly larger tongue hanging from between his lips.

“Wha…” she began, but her voice caught in her throat and came out as a low growling noise. She cocked her head to the side in surprise, and managed to pull her tongue back in. It felt uncomfortable for a few seconds before it seemingly settled into place. She glanced over and caught sight of her reflection in one of the shiny cabinet doors. Her nose looked a little darker, and kind of longer too. In fact it looked like her face was starting to stretch out a little. She opened her lips in a strange grin and saw that her canine teeth were a lot larger that’s they were. Her heart started beating hard in panic. She was starting to look like a dog shaped human now. She whimpered again and looked over at Buster who was definitely looking like a human shaped dog. His fur was thinning and a lot shorter than it was, no longer spilling out the edges of his…no her old clothes. His muzzle and ears were a looking les pronounced, and he seemed to have no trouble holding things in his paws, as evidenced by the fact he was skilfully using cutlery to cook whatever was on the stove. Even the fact that he was now tall enough to reach was alarming for her.

“Bussterrr” she growled sadly, keeping her teeth clenched so that her tongue wouldn’t flip out again. He looked over at her and seemingly sensed her discomfort. He reached down and gave her a gentle stroke on the head.

“S’ok” he growled back as he moved his paw and scratched her lightly behind her ear. This gave her a feeling of calm and safety and she let out a happy little whine. Neither of them seemed to notice that her ears had moved a little further up her head.

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