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97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

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DMU - Lydia takes a nap

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Back at Lydia’s house, Max had returned with all his necessities and was now pretty settled in. They had spent the afternoon relaxing in the garden with Buster and Penny. As the heat of the day had grown, both adults had found themselves getting warmer, and removed the coats they had been wearing as they lay on the grass together. After a brief few moments of embarrassment at being completely naked in front of each other, they soon settled down. Buster and Penny we’re both laying on their backs on a pair of loungers. Lydia found the warmth pleasant on her bare skin, and she soon drifted off into a light snooze and began to dream.

She dreamt she was walking down the street next to Max, but somehow she seemed a lot lower to ground. She knew Buster and Penny were walking a little way behind them. She turned to look and found they were much taller than the both of them. Maybe it was just because they were walking on their hind legs for some reason. The four of them turned a corner and she caught the scent of other dogs. She shouted in excitement as she realised they’d arrived at the dog park. She moved to run forward, but felt a sharp tugging at her back. She looked down and realised she was still wearing her harness. Reluctantly she slowed down again until they made their way to the large open field. She felt Busters paw on her back, and heard the sound of her leash being unclipped.

“Go” Buster barked and she happily sprinted off into the grass, Max close behind her. They both chased each other for a little while, and before long they were joined by other dogs. One got a little too close to Max and he tried to shy away. Lydia ran up next to him and growled at the bigger dog, baring her teeth at him until he backed down and left. She heard her name called by a strange voice and suddenly a tennis ball bounced off the ground beside her. Her eyes opened wide as she sprinted after it.

She was suddenly awoken by a strange jerking motion in her arms and legs, and realised she had been moving them quickly in her sleep. She noticed she was now laying in the shade as the sun had moved behind the tree line around the garden. Max was laying next to her, looking groggy as though he’d just woken up too. They were both laying on their sides. She looked back towards the house, and noticed that Buster and Penny were no longer there.

‘Maybe they’ve gone inside’ she thought to herself as she moved to get up. Her limbs and back felt so stiff from sleeping on the ground. She managed to get herself onto all fours, but as she tried to stand upright she struggled. Her legs felt weird, almost shorter. She glanced nervously over at Max who seemed to be having a similar problem. She looked herself over and found her legs had reshaped themselves, her lower legs were a lot shorter, but her feet had stretched out massively giving her lower half the unmistakeable dog leg shape. She sighed a bit as she realised that she now had to walk on all fours. Her arms were more or less the same as they had been, but her fingers felt a bit stubbier, and her palms looked like they were starting to stretch.

“Help” Max whimpered as he tried to stand, his legs having undergone the same transformation. Lydia immediately crawled over to him, and sat down next to him. She reached over and her out her arms around him.

“It’s ok” she whispered softly, “I’m here, we’re in this together” she added with a smile. Max sighed deeply, and leaned his head against her shoulder. Lydia closed her eyes and breathed deeply, enjoying his scent. She sniffed again as another stronger smell wafted from him into her nostrils. She could feel her hips swaying involuntarily again, and a slight throbbing in her nether region. She was about to ask him if he could smell it too when they both heard a clattering of bowls from inside followed by a gravely voice call out


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