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13. Snuggling and Sunday

12. The Date

11. Lessons in boob buoyancy at th

10. Karyn want's to go swimming.

9. After school hanging out

8. School

7. The next morning

6. Karyn Dreams

5. Karyn can stay.

4. That wasn't what Jon meant

3. A Frank and Honest Discussion

2. Karyn's wish for 5 Honest Answ

1. You Are What You Wish

Honest Discusion - Date wind down

on 2022-01-23 02:38:08
Episode last modified by bigbustgazer on 2022-01-23 02:38:31

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Jon and Karyn were laying on her bed, the end of their laughter having just faded away, for a while they both just relaxed.

Eventually Karyn sat up and spun on her butt to face him, sitting cross legged. She looked him up and down, her eyes catching on the large breasts on his chest with each pass, but those weren’t all she saw. She liked all of him. The light muscle definition he got nearly for nothing just by being an 18 year old boy in decent shape, his face, his eyes, the messy, slightly long, just partway down his neck, sandy brown hair, and even his now entirely flaccid penis. It had shrunk far more than she was expecting, or thought possible, down to only the length of her pinky finger. Contrasted with how it had been when she first saw it, when it had been inside her, she was amazed. She was hoping next time she might see it grow from its current state to the other. Not that she didn’t enjoy looking at it as it was, especially knowing the potential it held. She let her gaze run back up his body again, still finding her eyes wanting to stay on his chest, she ended back at his face, though now he was looking at her.

Jon had looked her body up and down, much the way she had his, while her gaze was on his crotch. For the first time he really saw her as his girlfriend, no more guilt about looking with lust at his closest friend, no feeling weird about it, no more reminding himself he was allowed to notice how attractive he found her, just admiring her, enjoying looking at her, feeling lucky she was with him in that moment. He took in her legs, thighs thick, her wide hips, the extra softness in that area from a small amount of extra weight she carried, the slight tummy bulge, the way her form dove in above her hips, smoothly, the significant narrowing at her waist, far more than he ever imagined it could be until he saw it for himself, normally hidden by her green sweater, the way her figured expanded back out up to her shoulders, her breasts, the entirety of her figure as a whole, full and soft in all the right ways. He landed back at her face, cute, round and soft, beautiful to him, her green eyes shining out of it, framed by wavy red locks, the blonde streak had separated itself from the rest of her hair and had fallen into her face, slightly covering her left eye. He took all of her in, loved all of it, all of her. For the first time since she had made the wish compelling him to answer her five questions honestly and they started dating he felt fully comfortable with her again. It felt good, just existing with her nearby, being naked just added to it, made him feel closer to her, which in turn made him feel more relaxed.

“Hey Jon-boyfriend, what are you thinking about?”


“Oh? What about me?”

“How lucky I am to have you… that we realised how we feel. How nice it is… to… just be here with you like this.”

“Enjoying the view are we?” She stretched, arms up, chest out as she spoke.

“Well… yeah… but that’s not what I was talking about. I meant, just being together, close.”

“Mmm, yeah, come here” They snuggled up to each other, ending up spooning with Karyn in the big spoon position, one arm over the top of Jon’s body, her hand gently cupping one of his breasts. “Even nicer this way.”

Jon felt… a lot of things, comfortable, warm. He could feel her breasts pushing against his back, the gentle caress of her hand on his own breast. All of this felt right, he wanted to stay here all night.

“So… uhm how do you feel about your boobs at this point Jon-boyfriend?”

“I… well… I don’t really mind how they feel most of the time, it’s… a bit uncomfortable being one of so few guys with them at school… and in the world in general. I dunno. Like I really did like having them for… well most of today. It felt good to… um see your reactions and even you having trouble not looking at them. Once we got here… well I… very much enjoyed having them. I’m starting to actually get used to them… and that’s making them less distracting all the time… I… when you look at me it feels good to have them… I… just don’t know.”

“Well for what it’s worth I think they look amazing on you… not just in an ‘I think big boobs are hot’ way… I… well in a weird way I think they suit you… I dunno, it's weird. I… I’ve tried imagining how I’ll feel when we go back to normal… I think I’m going to miss them.”

“Mmm, I think I might miss them a bit too. I won’t miss being made fun of at school for them though.”

“Oh will you?”

“Well I’ll miss how it feels when you’re playing with them for sure. It’s amazing, and like I said it is fun seeing you react to them… I… as a guy I don’t feel like I really get what makes a girl think a guy looks good. Like if I didn’t have the melons, what about me would distract you?”

“Depends, right now, I can’t see it right now, but little Jon down there is pretty fun to look at. Hmmm. I mean I guess there isn’t any one thing that really sticks out for me… I’ll still be into you when we go back… don’t worry about that. You looked good to me before you had boobs. You’ll still look good when you don’t have them again. Hmm, weirdly I think the closest I ever came to realising I had a crush on you before was watching you play video games…”

“Playing games?”

“Err…” she felt her face flush a bit. “Something about um skilled hands. I guess… and you really proved that skill today! Seriously you’re way better at that than you have any right to be for your first time.”

“I… uhm… read things.”

“What things?”

“I… just y’know tips… I wanted to know what I was doing my first time as much as I could…”

“Oh boy did that ever work. Though… uh that wasn’t actually where I was going at first with the ‘skilled hands’ thing… I just couldn’t resist talking about that. I mean it’s just attractive watching you um do something you’re good at, seeing the muscles move in your arms. You have a nice butt too.”

“Oh… thanks. I… grew it myself.”

She giggled, “God I wish you could just stay the night. I really want to just stay like this and… wake up next to you.”

“Yeah… me too.”

They were silent for a little while just enjoying being close to each other.

“You know, Easter is next weekend. Maybe we could go camping together. We’re 18. I think my Mom would let me… even if we told her we’re dating.”

“Jon-boyfriend, where are we going to get camping stuff? Where would we go?”

“Well I think we have a tent… it hasn’t been used for a long time, I once stayed in it in the backyard as a little kid. It’ll be… cosy for us…”

“Oh, you say that like it’ll be a bad thing.”

“It’s supposed to be a two person tent… but I wouldn’t… want to share it with anyone but you… too close.”

“Oooo, sounds fun, we are zipping two sleeping bags together and sharing, I will hear no arguments against that. What about everything else?”

“I would never dream of arguing against that plan. We can work it out. I’m sure a lot of the stuff we’d need is with the tent.”

An alarm on Jon’s phone went off, letting him know that he should really think about heading home.

“Oh, dammit. I have to get a move on.”

Karyn glanced at a clock. “Well it’s… not too late, we have time to have a quick little shower together to clean up don’t we?”

Jon thought for a moment. “I… guess so, but actually quick, I want to stay in my Mom’s good graces so that the camping trip can actually happen. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow maybe?”


Jon arrived home just a little later than he’d said would be the latest he’d be. Their shower had been quick, but their goodbyes were not. He didn’t really want to go and Karyn wished he could stay.

His mother was waiting for him in the kitchen.

“So… You’re a little late.”

“I… yeah, I’m sorry. I… Karyn and I are… dating, this was our first date, we took a little too long saying goodbye…”

“Ah… Well finally.”

“I… was everyone aware that Karyn and I like each other except us? Zoe said the same thing…”

His Mom smiled at him, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. You should get yourself to bed, I’m sure you’re tired after a long day. Especially since it was a date.”

“I… yeah… um… there was one thing… I was wondering if that old two person tent was still any good?”

“Should be… what were you planning?”

“Err.. nothing specific yet… Just, it’s Easter next weekend… if the weather is good I’d… like to go with Karyn somewhere and camp for the long weekend”

“Somewhere? Ah I see. Well the tent should be OK, we can get it out tomorrow and have a look at it to check. I can think of a few places you could go. We can work it all out tomorrow.”

The next morning Jon woke up, and felt… sad, for a moment he couldn’t figure out why. Then it came back to him. He woke up alone. He wished he were sharing Karyn’s bed. He found he felt lonely without her… it wasn’t a feeling he expected… at least not so soon.

He got up and did his normal morning routine, at least the Sunday version of it. Once he was awake he texted Karyn to let her know that he was going to check over the tent with his Mom and as far as he was concerned the plan to go camping was on.

The tent proved somewhat difficult to extract from its storage location, it was behind over a decade of things stored for later. Eventually they were able to get it out. They pulled it out of the bag that held it. It was a waxed canvas thing that smelled of crayons, checking it over it was in good condition, Jon’s memory was right, it would be quite tight with the two of them in it. The poles were all still straight. It was a very old tent, older than Jon by a fair margin. It too came from his Grandpa. They quickly partially set it up in the yard to make sure Jon knew how to do it.

His mother helped him plan, decide what to pack, and so on.

Karyn too felt lonely when she woke. All the more so since she had been dreaming about Jon, part of it lewd, part of it just being together. She had overslept a bit, and found Jon’s text on her phone. Her parents would be home shortly so she resolved to wait for them and clear the plan with them.

Like Jon’s mother, Karyn’s parents’ reaction to the news that she had started dating Jon was not surprise, but more along the lines of ‘what took you two so long’. She could tell her father wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her spending two nights alone with a boy… but it was also Jon. Her father approved of Jon.

And so the camping trip was on. She decided to drop by Jon’s house to help with checking the tent, or at this time probably putting it away. She also just wanted to be with Jon.

As it happened, Karyn was right, she arrived only in time to help put things back, pack up the tent and pack up the non-food things that Jon’s Mom thought they would need. As they were doing that, Jon’s Mom disappeared for about twenty minutes, they didn’t think much of it until she returned with some freshly purchased things… including condoms. Jon and Karyn both turned bright red… but they took them. They wouldn’t need them, the wish they had made on Friday made protection redundant for them, but they couldn’t tell Jon’s mother that.

Mikey showed up full of questions, he was visibly excited when it came out that Jon and Karyn were dating… and he too reacted with “What took so long?”; Karyn got a hug from him as he asked.

Eventually all was as ready as it could be without food, which would wait, no point in packing that and having it spoil. All sitting in the garage ready to be loaded into a car Friday evening.

Jon’s Mom brought them inside to discuss where they might go. The reason they had the tent is that Jon’s parents when they were first married had been avid campers. So she knew all the campsites in the area, far enough away to not be home, but close enough to drive there in less than an hour.

Eventually they picked one.

Karyn and Jon spend the rest of the afternoon together in Jon’s room, partially working on homework that they had neglected between going swimming and their date. Occasionally kissing, with a little bit of fondling, as much as they wanted to do more it wasn’t really an option with everyone home, neither really wanted to use the stone.

After dinner Karyn went home.

Laying in his bed trying to sleep, Jon again found himself wishing he weren’t alone, wanting Karyn to be with him. He didn’t want sex… though it would be nice, no he just wanted her presence, when she was there the world was a better place. One time together and he wished he could share his bed with her always.

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