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Member since 2017-01-25 07:07:10

I'm open to questions and love comments on anything I've written. I do usually respond to comments on my episodes.

More of my stuff can be found at my neocities page

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Perfect Partners - Jon goes home
Eventually Jon goes home.
2022-11-21You Are What You Wish7
Honest Discussion - Dicky Trick on Sore Sunday
Dicky Trick on Sore Sunday
2022-09-01You Are What You Wish21
Perfect Partners - Jon's Power II
Jon's Power II
2022-08-01You Are What You Wish6
Perfect Partners - Jon's Power
Jon's Power
2022-07-07You Are What You Wish6
Perfect Partners - Karyn's Power
Karyn's Power
2022-06-23You Are What You Wish5
Perfect Partners: Discussion, Decision and Discovery
Discussion, Decision and Discovery
2022-06-21You Are What You Wish4
Perfect Partners: An obvious match
An obvious match
2022-06-19You Are What You Wish3
Perfect Partners
The Perfect Partener
2022-06-18You Are What You Wish2
Honest Discussion - Breakfast, Existential Dread, and Love
Breakfast, Existential Dread, and Love
2022-03-14You Are What You Wish20
Honest Discussion - Dining, Philosophy, Reality, and Sex
Dining, Philosophy, Reality, and Sex
2022-02-15You Are What You Wish19
Honest Discussion - Going Camping
Going Camping
2022-02-08You Are What You Wish18
Gibson Syndrome: Flashback - A Beginning Altered
The Wish
2022-02-06You Are What You Wish9
Honest Discussion - The Other Change
The Other Change
2022-02-01You Are What You Wish17
Honest Discussion - The Change
The Change
2022-02-01You Are What You Wish17
Honest Discussion - The Stone's Action
The Stone's Action
2022-01-28You Are What You Wish16
Honest Discussion - Karyn's Desire
Karyn's Desire
2022-01-28You Are What You Wish15
Honest Discusion - The End of Jon's Boobs
The End of Jon's Boobs
2022-01-28You Are What You Wish14
Honest Discusion - Date wind down
Snuggling and Sunday
2022-01-23You Are What You Wish13
Gibson Syndrome: Flashback — First Date
Flashback—First Date
2022-01-22You Are What You Wish7
Honest Discusion - The Date
The Date
2022-01-17You Are What You Wish12
Honest Discusion - Swimming and Boob Buoyancy
Lessons in boob buoyancy at the pool and date planning
2022-01-05You Are What You Wish11
Honest Discussion - Swimsuits and Bombshells
Karyn want's to go swimming.
2022-01-01You Are What You Wish10
Honest Discussion - Dinner at Jon's House
After school hanging out
2021-12-31You Are What You Wish9
Honest Discussion - Facing school with boobs
2021-12-28You Are What You Wish8
Honest Discusion - Apprehension and hair
The next morning
2021-12-27You Are What You Wish7
Honest Discussion: Karyn Dreams
Karyn Dreams
2021-12-20You Are What You Wish6
Honest Discussion: Where everyone else thinks Jon's boobs came from
Karyn can stay.
2021-12-20You Are What You Wish5
Honest Discussion: That wasn't what Jon meant.
That wasn't what Jon meant
2021-12-17You Are What You Wish4
A Frank and Honest Discussion of Boobs and Feelings2021-12-12You Are What You Wish3
Jon Must be Frank
Karyn's wish for 5 Honest Answers
2021-12-12You Are What You Wish2
Something Interesting With Karyn - Shower surprise!
Shower time
2021-06-01You Are What You Wish14
Something Interesting With Karyn - Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk
2020-09-29You Are What You Wish13
Something Interesting With Karyn - Finally
Yeah, sure why not, lets just do it.
2020-08-25You Are What You Wish12
Something Interesting With Karyn, Feeling each other's boobs up.
Tits for tat.
2020-07-28You Are What You Wish11
Hey Jon-Boy my boobs are up here!2020-06-17You Are What You Wish10
Genital Cycles: Jon+Karyn
2020-06-13You Are What You Wish10
Sarah's wish for Jon to enjoy what she feels isn't done when Jon is
Jon's not the only one that changes
2019-06-14You Are What You Wish9
The narrow dating pool after their change
The dating pool and dating
2019-01-15You Are What You Wish9
Contemplation of the situation and Karyn's distraction by Jon's chest
Well, what now?
2019-01-14You Are What You Wish8
Genital Cycles: More Questions about the way the world works now.
More Questions about the way the world works now.
2018-09-12You Are What You Wish9
Not all bad news2018-05-17You Are What You Wish7
What Jon's dumb wish did.2018-05-17You Are What You Wish6
Jon gets a bust.
Further Developements
2018-05-17You Are What You Wish5
Jon is indeed an idiot.
Things between the legs change.
2018-05-17You Are What You Wish4
Something interesting with Karyn there2018-04-10You Are What You Wish3
Genital Cycles: They walk to Jon's house2018-04-10You Are What You Wish8
Some do2018-04-08The Forum4
Jon getting the blame for Karyn's wish2018-04-06The Forum2
Jon And Karen's Quasi-cannon last names2018-02-25The Forum4
Jon considers Karen's request to test out their swapped genitals.
Jon is unsure.
2018-02-03You Are What You Wish7
The Genital Cycle: Mens cycle
Karyn Adds a cycle for men
2017-05-19You Are What You Wish6
Karyn heads for the bathroom
2017-01-25You Are What You Wish10
Karyn, Jon's fuck buddy
The Phone rings
2017-01-25You Are What You Wish5
Karyn2017-01-25You Are What You Wish6
Karyn asks for Jon's help
Whisper a wish
2017-01-25You Are What You Wish6

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