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24. And He Sinks Deeper into His O

23. forsure

22. "I've Been a Bad Girl..."

21. That's one way to get efficien

20. *Loud Horny Noises*

19. A safety valve

18. It Comes to Mind

17. A retrospective

16. A Big-Ass Problem

15. Timing is Key

14. A Litle Nippy in Here

13. Vocal Support

12. Self Care

11. David's Asent

10. Funtional Recall

9. Getting Handsy

8. Reflections

7. Own Home

6. (clarification)

5. Something to ALWAYS remember

"Mandatory Milf" The Clock is Ticking...

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Jon recovered after a brief spell of panting, looking at his perfectly manicured nails. They were so long and pretty and pink... “I wish Sue would always do her best to look as perfect as possible before leaving the house, adored pink, and would always dress up in a way that makes David happiest and appeal to his traditional sense of gender roles. I wish David wanted nothing more than for Sue to be his beautiful arm candy in public and nothing more...”

Wait, why did he do that? Why does he keep condemning himself to being nothing more than some sexual play thing for a man he doesn't know, just for a quick thrill. No one would ever take his ideas or opinions seriously ever again... Actually, that made him more excited... “I wish Sue had terrible impulse control and would say the first thing on her mind, adding to the perception she's a ditz even though I won't lose a drop of knowledge.” He knew he would regret it, but it sounded so amazing to be thought of as some airhead who coasted on her looks with nothing else on her mind other than cooking and cleaning and looking her best. Sue was going to hate Jon. And Jon loved that.

Jon took a deep breath and heard something rattling in the backyard. He didn't realize how vulnerable that made him feel until now. He was 5 foot nothing and couldn't even protect himself. Maybe that was something for later. He pranced outside to see- Biff? Cleaning his pool? Shirtless?!

Jon couldn't tell if some of the mental stigmas were already happening, but staring at his glistening abs and toned pecs all he could think of is 'I want that.' But did he want his body or his body around him?'

“Jon, is that you? I had this strange vision that you got hit with a curse, but it's unreal to think that there's a nerd in that smoking hot body of yours. You look like a natural born woman the way you move in those heels and lingerie. I always knew you were a sissy, but wow, if I didn't know any better I'd think you wanted this.”

Looking down, Jon panicked when he realized he was wearing little more than a lace bra, a thong that was nothing more than a thin strip of satin that just barely covered his vulva, and a silk robe that he quickly closed to cover himself and stop Biff from staring at him like a piece of meat (And not like in school when he was coming up with some scheme to bully him, this looked... hungrier? Less devilish and more lustful). Biff's tall athletic physique always made him feel small before, but now he felt downright minuscule next to the high school Adonis. You could cut meat on those abs and was he getting an erection? Why couldn't he stop looking at the tent in his pants? He could overpower himself in an instant and the thought was... sexy? Biff manhandling him?!

Karyn entered through the back gate right on cue to distract Jon from thinking more about Biff's physically dominating presence, she was looking as cute as usual in her casual attire that only accented her adorable girl-next-door look. “Jon I heard you scream across the neighborhood and I-” was all she could manage until Biff snuck up behind her and pushed her into the pool.

“Biff, you jerk! Why'd you do that!”

“Why not? You interrupted the nice time Mrs. Daniels and I were having. I'm done here anyways, I've had my fun and I'll be back tomorrow. I'm sure you two girls have a lot to talk about. And don't worry Jon, your secret is safe with me,” Biff chuckled as he finished skimming the beautiful pool.

Karyn was shivering as she climbed out of the pool and Jon took her up to his new, or Sue's new bedroom to dry off and change. He felt so bad for his poor friend who wanted nothing more than to help. At least, it felt like that's what his maternal instincts were telling him. As Karyn was toweling off, another wish escaped his lips before he even realized, “I wish I had all the knowledge and instincts to be a better mother figure to Karyn and Sue was just a natural mom in general.” And just like that, years of friendship and yearning over Karyn were gone, replaced with a deeper understanding and more emotional connection. He knew what it was like to be Karyn, to be big chested and teased in high school, no one could sympathize more. It was beautiful, wonderful, a bond only mothers and daughters could know... And terrible. Jon destroyed his strongest friendship for this... this... this fantasy gone amok! How could he be a good role model to Karyn when he couldn't even handle his own impulses.

Karyn stripped with no concern to Jon or with any idea that this is what he wanted to see for ages... the girl he lusted and loved for- forever- NAKED! And... He felt nothing. No, he envied her? He compared her perky breasts to Sue's saggy ones, her fit hips and tight tummy to his that did the work of birthing children and wanted to be her! Not even be with her! He set a time limit, but it seems the dumb wish was acting quicker in small ways and hell, Jon was getting turned on that his stupid fascination with women wanting to be young and beautiful instead of being with someone young and beautiful. It was getting hard to think... And that picture David texted him. “I know it's you Jon, I'm so happy you wanted to be my wife. I have some fun wishes for you when we come home...”

“Earth to Jon, stop staring at me! Are you eyeing me up? I only changed in front of you since I figured you wouldn't care about looking at breasts since you have a pair much bigger than mine, you perv! I'm trying to get dressed in your stupid, revealing clothes so we can fix this! Don't you have anything more plain? I just have a bad feeling we're running out of time and I want my friend back! Not whatever this is. Now tell me, how and when did this all start? And why do I know about it? Why does Biff know about it? Just what the hell exactly is going on?”

Jon checked the clock, a little less than 3 minutes remaining. Karyn didn't know how right she was.

"Sweetie, I..." Wait, sweetie?

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