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11. Lessons in boob buoyancy at th

10. Karyn want's to go swimming.

9. After school hanging out

8. School

7. The next morning

6. Karyn Dreams

5. Karyn can stay.

4. That wasn't what Jon meant

3. A Frank and Honest Discussion

2. Karyn's wish for 5 Honest Answ

1. You Are What You Wish

Honest Discusion - Swimming and Boob Buoyancy

on 2022-01-05 01:33:23

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The next morning Jon was brushing his teeth, still wearing only his pajama pants and the comfortable bra he slept in. His eyes rested on the cleavage it was showing and then he remembered the previous day. He had a date with Karyn! It still felt weird to think of hanging out with Karyn as a date. He finished brushing and spat out the toothpaste, noticed there was no cup to fill with water to rinse out his mouth so he bent to get some water directly from the tap and felt cold and wet on his breast. He had dipped his boobs in a puddle of spilt water on the counter. He sighed. Gotta remember that he takes up more space in front at the moment. He finished up and headed back to his room. The thought got a date running on loop in the back of his mind making him both happy and a little nervous.

He pulled out another bra, one designed to be a bit more supportive and less focused on raw comfort and put it on, fiddling for a moment afterwards to get his breasts settled in the cups. Underwires were not something he was going to miss when he went back to not having boobs. He considered what to wear, and he landed on a polo shirt, it was a bit heavier than his normal shirts and given the chilly morning yesterday that seemed like a good idea, even if he would be wearing a jacket. Pulling it on, he found that one downside of it with his current chest was that it wasn’t as stretchy as a t-shirt, so it felt a bit constricting around his boobs, but after finishing dressing and having a quick look in the bathroom mirror he found it looked good, the last button on the shirt was just partly on the swell of his bust, which meant is was very much being pulled apart, the button was holding strong though. He was a bit worried about going to school wearing it… but Karyn would… probably like the look of the button holding on… he would on her.

He also remembered to pack his swim shorts and the new top in his backpack before leaving. He was still apprehensive about wearing something like that in a public place… but it would make Karyn happy… and they had a date the next day. A day when Karyn’s parents would be gone…

He put that thought out of his head, now wasn’t a good time to think about that he’d make himself nervous and horny. Making him more nervous was the fact that he was going to be wearing that bathing suit in public…

Karyn’s morning started much like the previous two, doing her best not to stare at anyone’s boobs. She was getting better at that. Jon’s were harder, she liked him and they were just so… amazing, but she felt that she was making progress on that front too. Thankfully she only had to avoid staring at other girls for the moment, which was even easier than the few guys with boobs who aren’t Jon.

Her day diverged a bit during lunch, she was again sitting on the wall and had just finished eating when she saw a girl coming towards her. She wasn’t sure who it was, had she looked too long at someone and gotten caught? If so it wasn’t this girl… she wasn’t busty enough to pull Karyn’s eyes. It wasn’t until the girl spoke that Karyn recognized her. It was Jon’s sister Zoe.


“Uh… Hi… Zoe. What…”

“You better not have started dating Jon just because he has big tits now!”

“I… what?”

“I was paying attention during dinner the other day, I saw you spending more time looking at his boobs than even he did looking at yours.”

Karyn started turning bright red.

“Seriously, don’t you dare break his heart, I will make sure you regret it if you do.”

“I…” Karyn took a deep breath, “I don’t think you have to worry about me doing that. If I weren’t the one he’s dating I’d be telling her the same thing. I’ve been in love with him for a long time… I just didn’t… realise until…”

“Fine. We understand each other then. Oh and if you breathe a word that this conversation happened to him I will find something horrible to do to you.” With that Zoe walked off.

The rest of Karyn’s school day passed as school days tend to, very much like the one that came before it.

Jon spent much of the day in his own head, trying to mentally prepare himself for wearing a bathing suit in public. It made the day a bit easier in fact, he was so in his thoughts that he wasn’t so self conscious. Even at the end of the school day he didn’t really feel ready.

He walked to the wall and waited for Karyn. He didn’t have to wait long, he was greeted with what was becoming her customary surprise hug and kiss. After a moment she broke the kiss.

“Hey Jon-Boyfriend, are you all ready for a swim?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, got the swimming stuff in my bag.”


They walked to the public pool, Karyn again holding Jon’s entire arm. Chatting about nothing in particular. Upon arriving they split up to go to the appropriate changing rooms.

Jon walked into the changing room, it was empty. He felt himself relaxing a bit, facing getting changed around other people again was not something he was looking forward to.

He started undressing, pulling his shirt off, and unhooking his bra, his boobs dropping out of it and pulling on his shoulders, even pulling him into a very slight lean as they stopped. He was about to undo his pants when he changed his mind and grabbed the suit top, wanting to get some support for his bust back. He still wasn’t very comfortable with all the extra movement from an unsupported bust, he was just barely starting to get used to how it felt to have boobs while wearing a bra. Finishing undressing and pulling on the swim trunks involved a lot of moving and bending over and he was very much aware that the swim top was not as supportive as the bra he had taken off. His breasts hung lower when he bent, and jiggled for longer.

“Well this is going to be something” He thought, extra bust movement wasn’t bad itself… but it made him much more aware of the fact that he had boobs, and here it was also going to remind him that what he was wearing was showing cleavage. “I guess Karyn will enjoy the view though.”

He sat, psyching himself up to leave the room and go to the pool, for several minutes.

Karyn walked into an almost empty changing room, there was one woman, maybe in her mid twenties, coming out of the shower. Karyn found her eyes going to the woman’s chest, she was fairly well endowed, and Karyn couldn’t help noticing. It was the first time she had seen another woman naked since gaining her interest in boobs. Not looking was much harder when the boobs were bare.

Karyn fairly quickly found a spot to get herself changed, away from the other woman so that she wouldn’t have to try not looking. She got changed fairly quickly and headed out to the pool area.

In fairly short order she found herself a good place to wait for Jon. She sat at the shallow end of the pool with her feet in the water.

Jon nervously left the changeroom, he looked around. As Karyn had said, the pool wasn’t busy, in fact there was almost no one there. There was a lifeguard, a few people swimming and he saw Karyn sitting on the edge of the pool.

“Wow she looks amazing in that suit…”, he found himself admiring Karyn as he walked towards her, after a few steps she noticed him and smiled and waved at him. She watched him approach. He could tell she was looking him over, enjoying the view. He could feel the extra bouncing happening on his chest, and the tightness of the top made it more obvious the there were little ripples of movement passing through his breasts. He himself continued to admire Karyn as he walked. About halfway to her realised that he hadn’t had that little voice in his head admonishing him for being attracted to her, he didn’t have to let himself be attracted to her, remind himself they were dating and it’s OK to think she’s hot, he just did.

Karyn for her part was looking at more than just Jon’s boobs as he walked towards her, she was admiring his legs, arms, and shoulders, though his boobs were the primary focus of her attention. She also noticed how much more his boobs were moving than they did in his normal bra. She was enjoying the way the extra motion looked. The top still looked amazing on him. The little bit of cleavage that it showed, the little lift it gave his bust that gave them a rounder shape. It just looked great on him, she thought it suited him.

“Hey, Jon-boyfriend, you look good!” she pushed herself into the pool, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

Jon quickly joined her, they headed for the deeper parts of the pool, as Jon begain submerging himself he felt something else new to him. His boobs almost floated, he could feel the weight come off his shoulders. Stopping where he was just up to his shoulders, he for the first time since the wish felt a dramatic reduction weight from his bust.

Karyn noticed he wasn’t swimming after her once she was part way out into the deep end. She stopped, treading water and turned.

“What’s up Jon-Boyfriend?” Karyn swam back closer to him, she couldn’t quite touch bottom, partially because Jon was taller, partially because he had stopped facing the deep end so she was a little further down the very steep incline at the bottom.

“I…” He glanced around, there was no one very close, “I… my boobs… float”

Karyn giggled, she hadn’t even thought about that fact, that it would be new to Jon and feel new and weird to him. It was just something that she was used to with how her boobs acted in water. It had been an obvious effect even with the smallish bust she had the last time she had gone swimming.

“Yeah, they do a bit.”

“I… must be more used to these things than I thought… it feels a bit strange to stand and not feel so much pull… I had sort of forgotten just how heavy they are. It feels kinda nice to let them float.”

“I hadn’t ever really thought about that, but yeah it does. I also haven’t done any swimming since… well mine were much smaller.”

“They also move a lot differently in the water… it’s… I dunno. Weird all over again.”

“You gonna just stand here?”

“I… maybe for a little bit. Go ahead and swim a bit without me, I’ll catch up”

Jon stood for several minutes, just feeling the sensation of his breasts sitting in the water, lighter, sitting higher on his chest. Eventually he started swimming over to Karyn, the sensations caused by actually swimming were new again, as he moved forward and his body was horizontal the drag from the water pulled on his bust again, but the buoyancy made them move in totally different ways than they would in air.

Karyn stopped and was treading water again as she noticed Jon approaching.

“Ready to swim?”

“Yeah, still feels weird though.”

The swam for a while, and eventually got out of the water for a rest, hanging around near the walls.

“They feel so heavy again after getting out…”

“Well Jon-Boyfriend, they are, in fact, heavy. Look super good though. So does the rest of you.” She grinned at him.

Jon was a bit surprised at the complement. He wasn’t used to being complimented on his appearance and didn’t quite know how to react.

“Uh, thanks. Though I don’t think I can even take genetic credit for these.” he gestured to his chest, “You kind of gave them to me.”

“I… guess I did. What do you want to do next, diving board?”

“I… I’m not sure…”

“Well we could head out, you really weren’t totally wrong when you said I just wanted to see your boobs in a bathing suit… and well I got to.”


“Well not totally… but that… was what gave me the idea, it also seemed fun. Besides, you got to learn more about what having boobs is like.”

“Hmm, I seem to remember that me learning things was only a secondary reason for wishing, you were the one that wanted to learn things.”

“Oh, I am. Lots of things. Like how hard it is to look someone in the eye when they have really nice boobs, are wearing a flattering bathing suit, and showing a bit of cleavage. I’m also noticing that you’re having a bit of the same problem. ” She grinned at him.

“I’m pretty sure you learned that the first time I had my shirt off like 10 minutes into this.”

“No… that was a bra. Totally different.”

“Hmmm. Yes. Radically different. No comparison. Not similar in any way.”

“Hey, don’t think I don’t know that you would want to do the same sort of ‘research’”

“I’ve never invited someone out to something just for a better look at their boobs.”

“I said it wasn’t the only reason, just a reason. I’m under time pressure here! It’s only a week. Speaking of, do you want to head back to your place? We should probably figure out what we’re actually going to do on our big date.”

“Oh yeah… good idea. I guess we probably do need some time before it gets too late if we want to make a reservation at a restaurant or something…”

“We’ll talk about what kind of date on the walk over. Let’s go.”

They both stood up, Jon hyper aware of the weight of his bust shifting as he leaned forward to get his centre of gravity in the right place to let him stand, it felt very heavy after getting used to the reduced load while in the pool.

Karyn quickly rinsed off in the shower, not bothering to change out of her swimwear first, just rinsing off the chlorinated water, she decided she’d just wear the top and only change back into her pants, it was a lovely day outside and a lighter top would be perfectly comfortable. The pool provided towels so she managed to get the top dry enough to not wet her pants and quickly changed. She headed to the lobby to meet back up with Jon and walk to his place.

Jon too rinsed the chlorine off while wearing his suit, but in his case he just didn’t want to feel the vulnerability of being naked in the shower, even though he again had the entire room to himself. He also dried his top as much as he could with the towel, and he decided to just throw his shirt on over it. He could cope with a little less support for a brief walk, it’s not like he’d be doing a lot of moving around once they got to his house. He also elected to just wear the swim shorts home and maybe change when he got there. So he was through the change room very fast.

They walked and chatted. Jon was quickly becoming less sure about his decision to wear the bathing suit top home under his shirt, though Karyn did glance down at his chest a little more often, and he did sort of enjoy that.

Karyn eventually brought the conversation back to the date, what would they do? She insisted that she pay her own way for any meal, no matter where they went. They discussed possibilities, the swanky place? Too expensive, neither of them had the money for it. Karyn jokingly said the burger place they had frequently hung out at, Jon thought it wasn’t a bad idea, until Karyn pointed out it wouldn’t be great for talking, it’s too open and noisy. They settled on a dinner at a nicish place, it had gone in where a much more expensive place had been so it had individual booths for each table, but was priced more like a family restaurant.

They arrived at Jon’s house, said hello to his mother on their way in and went up to his room and continued the discussion.

“So what else could we do, more than just dinner. Maybe a movie? Classic date cliché. Could really help solidify that we’re dating now.”

“OK, but what movie?”

“Well Jon-boyfriend, How about either something horror or a rom-com, to complete the cliché?”

“Bleh, you know I don’t like horror, and I don’t think any good rom-coms are playing. I’d like to see the new James Bond. You like them too.”

“Come on. Gotta do the date properly. I don’t think I can properly enjoy a James Bond movie right now, he won’t have boobs and part of a James Bond movie is thinking he looks good.”

Jon paused, thought for a moment, quickly unbuttoned the polo shirt he was wearing, and leaned forward towards Karyn. “Maybe he doesn’t… but perhaps these ones can convince you?”

Karyn started giggling, but she also couldn’t help looking. What Jon was doing was very much working on her.

“Fine, fine! You make two very convincing arguments. I am also learning the true power of boobs today!”

It took her several minutes to lose the giggles Jon had induced with his performance, but she did eventually manage to.

“How about we see a matinée and get an early dinner… It’ll give us time at my place…”

“Oh err yeah…”

“How are you feeling about… that?”

“Well… I guess I’m up for… seeing how it goes, I’m not totally sure yet, but I can give you a solid maybe.”

“Oh, well that’s good, we’ll see then… Uhm… I was thinking… about protection and… well why don’t we make a wish to… remove the need for it?”


“I’m not saying we will tomorrow, but well we will eventually, no reason not to wish now…”

“Yeah… I suppose… did you have a wish in mind?”


“OK, go ahead. Stone’s over there.”

Karyn went and got the stone and opened the box, she left it sitting where it was and simply put her finger on the stone in the box, and wished.

“I wish that Jon and I would not be fertile together unless we both consciously decide we want to be.”

The stone flashed, neither of them felt any different for a moment,, they both found the information about what had changed. They could switch fertility on and off, just for sex between the two of them. They both were aware of the status of it, and part of how it worked, it would prevent Jon from having any sperm in his output. It could only be switched to fertile if they both actively tried to at the same time..

Karyn lifted her hand from the stone.

“Err… uhm Jon-Boyfriend, I’m assuming that if I weren’t your first girlfriend I’d know right?”

“Uh yeah, I wouldn’t hide that from you.”

“Good… good…” she closed the box, “Since I haven’t had any secret ex-boyfriends, I guess we don’t need to worry about… the other reason for protection.”

“Oh… yeah. I guess not.”

There was a short awkward silence until Karyn broke it.

“I don’t think we need to make a reservation for dinner, they’re probably not busy enough that early.”

“Yeah probably not… did you clear staying with your parents?”

“Oh yeah, I just told them I had plans to hang out with you… which is the truth… They said yes. Did you tell your parents?”

“Yeah, I said I’d be spending most of the afternoon and evening with you.”


Karyn’s phone beeped. She quickly checked it. It was her mom texting her wondering when she’d be home.

“OH, I should probably get going, Jon-Boyfriend.”

“OK, see you tomorrow then”

Jon layed in bed, he’d realized shortly after Karyn left that for much of the time since they got to the pool he had been thinking of her more as a girlfriend rather than a girl who is his friend. It felt good. He was excited and nervous about the date tomorrow, not about the dinner, or the movie, but being alone with her at her house afterwards, her parents out of town. Did he feel ready for that?

He also couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky he was to have a girl who he liked as much as Karyn not only like him back, but she also had a body that he thought he’d only see in his dreams. Sure she was just a little chubby… but so was he, and besides he liked it, at least on her.

Karyn was thinking similar thoughts, about Jon, how lucky she was, how much she liked him, how hard she was falling for everything about him… and she thought about his boobs. She was just as nervous as Jon about what they might be doing together in the bed she was laying on. The fantasy she had masturbated too twice now came unbidden to her mind, Jon on top of her, thrusting into her, his boobs swinging with each thrust, bumping into her boobs at the top of their swing. She calmed herself down from that… she wanted to save her energy for tomorrow, she might need a push from her libido to go through with it, and she wanted to go through with it. She wasn’t likely to have another chance before the wish giving Jon boobs and making her like them ran out of time.

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