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8. School

7. The next morning

6. Karyn Dreams

5. Karyn can stay.

4. That wasn't what Jon meant

3. A Frank and Honest Discussion

2. Karyn's wish for 5 Honest Answ

1. You Are What You Wish

Honest Discussion - Facing school with boobs

on 2021-12-28 00:42:17
Episode last modified by bigbustgazer on 2022-01-03 17:06:20

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As they walked to school they kept their conversation to normal things, things they would have talked about before any of the wishes. Karyn was as close to Jon as she could get, she wanted to hold his hand, touch his shoulder, be closer, to reinforce that there was more to their relationship now. She was doing her best not to stare at his boobs, and somewhat succeeding, but the fact that they were bouncing and jiggling slightly in time with his footsteps made it difficult. She forced herself to try to notice the other parts of him, though the sweater he was wearing covered the things she normally looked at on a guy, his arms and shoulders, she couldn’t really look at his butt or legs while they were walking, that left his face, which wasn’t bad looking, but in terms of her current lizard brain, couldn’t compete with boobs. She was beginning to understand how a guy could end up talking to a woman’s chest. It was getting a little easier though, as Jon said, practice.

She could tell he was nervous, she couldn’t blame him, it was why she was sticking to what they would have talked about before anything changed, even though she wanted to talk about what they might do after school, or on the weekend, go on some kind of date. It was also why she didn’t ask to hold his hand, she was doing her best to give him the comfort of familiarity.

Jon for his part did find just having a normal conversation with Karyn somewhat comforting, her glances and longer looks at his chest weren’t helping but he could tell she was trying. The rhythmic bounce of his chest as he walked was also quite distracting. He also found himself glancing at Karyn’s body, as much as one could while walking side by side, trying to see her figure through the loose sweater. It still felt strange to be thinking of Karyn that way, but also right.

Upon arriving at the school they were forced to split up fairly quickly, heading for different entrances to get to their classes.

Soon after entering the school Karyn saw Sarah and Biff walking together coming towards her. This wasn’t a big problem, they all had classes to get to so it was unlikely that they would even throw a passing comment her way, however…

Karyn couldn’t help but notice Sarah’s boobs in a new light, they were big, but in addition to that they were perky and had a very nice shape, somewhat like Jon’s, though his were bigger and so not quite as perky. They bounced slightly as she walked. Karyn had obviously been aware that Sarah had nice boobs before… but now it was different, she felt it. She wasn’t attracted to Sarah at all, but she did notice her bust in an entirely new way, and she realised that with how much trouble she was having not staring at Jon, this might be a problem for her. She did manage not to stare at Sarah, but… part of that was because Sarah wasn’t alone.

Biff was one of the other guys that was afflicted with boobs like Jon, and not only that he was one of the ones whose breasts were too large to be bound down to being inconspicuous. As a result Biff, like Jon, had chosen to just wear a bra. Biff had always worn shirts that fit just tightly enough to show off the muscle definition that he worked very hard to develop, growing boobs had not made him change what size shirts he wore, so his shirt was very tight across his bust. Biff’s boobs weren’t as big as Jon’s, but they suited him and looked pretty good. They were more dome shaped than Sarah’s, Jon’s or Karyn’s breasts, but they did settle and hang to some extent on his chest, they had less bounce to them than one might expect because of how much area they had at the point where they attached. Karyn couldn’t help but notice all of this, nor could she help but look a little longer than she wanted to at Biff’s bust. She wasn’t really into the big, highly muscled look on a man, but Biff’s boobs were the perfect sort for his body, and she very much noticed.

She just managed not to stare, to keep her look to something normal, and focusing on looking at where she was going until they passed. There were other girls around, a few of whom had medium to large busts, Karyn found that most of them weren’t nearly so distracting. The experience of just looking around the school was teaching her about her breast preferences. She had to admit Sarah did have incredible breasts. She arrived at her first class and sat down, lost in thought.

She thought about her own appearance, when she was naked, how her own breasts looked, imagined a guy with them on him… it was hard for her to be objective but she was sure her own breasts were very nice, comparable to Sarah’s at a minimum… And it made her glad she was still hiding her figure mostly. Before entering the school she had pulled the hem of her sweater down to better hide her figure, she knew that if she went around showing off she might attract unwanted attention from Sarah. She knew Sarah thought of herself as the hottest girl in the school and anyone who might be able to compete would be seen as a threat. Karyn had long ago realised she might be in that category, despite her being much less fit, and having a bit of extra fat on her. She was aware that that excess fat was almost entirely in “the right places”. She knew Sarah knew what she looked like under the sweater, they shared a gym period this semester, and Sarah, without saying anything made it clear Karyn should continue to hide as much as she could.

She had a hard time focusing in this class, she found herself looking around the room at the guys wondering what their boobs would look like if they got them. How big would they be? How would they dress? Deciding if they would look as good as Jon does with his. With only two actual examples she couldn’t decide how much boobs mattered to her physical attraction. Would she be a “boob girl”, valuing boobs over many other physical things? Or would boobs just be a part of the whole? Being realistic she figured she’d be closer to “boob girl” than not. She spent the entire class daydreaming about what it would be like if every guy had boobs.

As she was walking to her second class she again found herself looking at other girls as they passed, being slightly distracted by any that had big enough boobs, putting constant effort into not seeming to be looking. Especially challenging were a few busty girls wearing tops with a low neckline showing cleavage. Was this what life was like for guys? Was she just having this much trouble because it was new to her?

She sat in her spot in her second class, looking at nothing in particular waiting for the teacher to show. When the girl who sat next to her came in, Karyn had forgotten what she looked like, she was busty, nearly as big as Sarah, her figure was otherwise plain enough to avoid Sarah’s wrath, but for Karyn right now that didn’t matter. Karyn spent the rest of the class doing everything she could to keep her attention on the front of the room.

Next up was lunch for her, the school had staggered lunch periods and she didn’t share hers with Jon, and wanting to be able to relax and not worry about accidentally ogling anyone she ate her lunch outside on the wall where she normally met Jon after school. She did see one of the other guys that had big boobs, he was jogging across the field, probably going home for lunch, his path brought him past her and she couldn’t help but stare, his boobs were pretty nice, not as big as Jon’s, but more than big enough to be impossible to hide with binding. They were more to her shape preference than Biff’s, but still flatter than she liked. She tried her best not to stare as he went by but she couldn’t help looking. He didn’t seem to take any notice of her though and she felt relieved when he passed her and she couldn’t see his chest anymore.

Once she finished eating she found herself thinking about Jon, hoping he was doing OK. Wishing she could do something to make his day a bit easier.

Eventually it was time for her next class. She walked in and saw next to her desk the guy who she had seen run past her at lunch, she was so distracted by his boobs she hadn’t even recognised him. She sat with some worry.

About halfway through class she found herself resting her head on her arm on the desk, turned sideways so she was looking at the guy beside her, he was sitting with his elbows on his desk chin on his hands, leaned forward far enough that his breasts hung down and she could see them past his arms. She was doing her best to seem to be staring into space thinking, or to be looking past him, but she was watching his breasts, the way his shirt sat on them, and how that changed as he breathed. She couldn’t help it. She wished she were looking at Jon though.

Her last two classes went much the way her first had, by the time it was over she was eager to meet up with Jon on the wall. She was feeling weird, and somewhat horny from all the fantasising and just wanted to get out of the building and away from everyone else.

Jon was on his way to his first class, walking through the halls, feeling very self conscious about the jiggling breasts he was sporting, still acutely aware of their every movement. He noticed several guys' eyes go to his chest as he got close, some even turned their heads. Some girls too. Then he saw approaching him one of three people he would have liked to not see at all during this week. Steve “The Stud” Farber.

Steve not only looked, he almost leered, and as he was beside Jon he called out to him “Nice Tits!” Jon felt… a lot of things, none of them good while this was happening, he looked away from Steve and hunched his back to try to make his chest stick out less.

The rest of his walk continued much the same, no one else was as brazen or crude as Steve. Upon reaching his first class he sat down, pulled his chair in close to the desk and was sitting with his shoulders hunched and arms resting on the edge of the desk in an attempt to minimise the visibility of his breasts. It wasn’t a comfortable way to sit, especially not with all the extra weight on his front, but his experience in the hall had made him even more uncomfortable with being out in the world like this. He didn’t daydream like Karyn, he barely took notes, but he did pay attention, it was easier than thinking about his chest. Moving his arm around to write felt weird, the weight of his right breast pulled on his shoulder and when he had his hand at the left side of a page his arm pressed against the side of his breast. It wasn’t uncomfortable except in that it felt strange and reminded him that he had boobs and was in public. His breast wasn’t really in the way, it squished enough to not be a problem, but the feeling of that squish… If he were sitting alone it wouldn’t bother him so much, but he wasn’t.

The walk to his second class went much the same as his first, minus encountering Steve. The next class was Physics and today was a lab day. They were doing something with springs, measuring the force, and working out Hooke's Law, and some other things. His lab partner, Bill, spent the first half looking nervous and occasionally glancing at Jon’s chest, though not in a… creepy or sexual way, more of a sort of curiousity mixed with fear, about halfway through Bill worked up some nerve.

“Hey, uh Jon, I’ve just been recently diagnosed with… well… same as you… they’re still small enough to um hide…” he was practically whispering, “Uhm I just wanted to ask… how… well how fast did yours grow…”

“You worried you’ll end up like me?” Jon answered, also keeping his voice low. The room was loud enough that they weren’t likely to be overheard.

“... Yeah”

“Fast. they were this big in two months.”

This answer didn’t seem to make Bill feel any better.

“How… big were they after two weeks? I… mine are well if I weren’t wrapped up tight they’d be very obvious… I mean not big… but…”

“I don’t really remember… it was… um stressful. I wasn't keeping track.”

“Ah” He went silent for a few minutes and they worked on the lab. “Uhm… If you don’t mind me asking, what… what’s it like? Does your back hurt?”

“Err… well no, no back pain, at least not yet, but they move a lot when I walk, or turn or… and… they’re pretty heavy… and... uh… well people look. I… well they’re not so bad when nobody’s around but… I still feel super weird about it in public.” Jon was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the conversation, but he couldn’t bring himself to refuse to answer, Bill would never get much bigger before the wish ended, but he couldn’t tell him that, and it seemed mean not to offer whatever reassurance he could.


It seemed like he wanted to ask more, but felt that it might be too personal. Jon was relieved to just get back to the assignment. The rest of the class played out with an awkward air between them, Bill occasionally asked a simple question and Jon answered as best as he could about how people were treating him.

Jon was not excited about walking to his next class, he held a couple of his notebooks against his chest as he walked, it helped a bit. As he was approaching a hallway intersection he heard Steve’s voice ahead, “Nice Tits!” it said, he couldn’t see Steve anywhere, but then he saw another guy whose bust was too large for effective binding hurry across the intersection, hunching much the way Jon had earlier. Apparently Steve said that to every guy with visible breasts.

The next class went much the same as the first, except he noticed some guys near the back passing a note back and forth and occasionally looking at him and smirking. He felt even more uncomfortable.

Up next was lunch, he didn’t share a lunch period with anyone he knew, or more accurately, liked, so he ate alone. He hadn’t brought anything, he was too busy trying to put off his day to pack anything, so he was obligated to go to the cafeteria and buy something. While he was waiting in line he again heard Steve’s voice saying “Nice Tits!”, this time there was an answer. It was Biff.

“Shut up Steve. It’s not funny.”

“Hey, I mean it, they are nice!”

“Have any of the guys you’ve said that too looked happy to hear it? Can it, or I’ll make you. If I hear that you’ve said that to anyone…”

Jon had turned and was watching the exchange, shocked, especially shocked that Biff was including saying it to anyone in his threat. Other people’s problems were not something Biff was in the habit of caring about. He was doing his best to be inconspicuous and not attract either of their attention but he couldn’t help noticing Biff’s bust, smaller than his but still sizable, fitting his wide frame. It felt weird to have something like this in common with Biff.

It was his turn to order, so he quickly looked away and bought his lunch and left the cafeteria to eat in peace.

The walk through the halls was much the same though, he was noticing more and more of people’s reactions to him in the halls, including some overheard comments from people he passed. Some pointed. He felt his bust bounce as he walked.

Next up he had Gym, he dreaded the locker room, he was going to have to put on a sports bra he knew and that meant being bare chested. He knew he was still expected to change alongside all the other guys in the class, though he did get a locker over in a corner of the room. He arrived a little late and hurried over to his locker, he was the only one in the class with the “condition”. He was quickly pulling his shirt off and undoing his bra, keeping his back to the rest of the room, facing the corner, when...

“Hey! show us your tits today!”

“Yeah, we know they’re huge!”

“C’mon, we’ve never seen such big ones in person.”

Three voices, the same three he knew from wish provided information that they had done this every week since he grew them. He was thankful it was only once a week, and that the wish would end before he had to do this again.

He found his sports bra and put it on as fast as he could, he didn’t quite get his boobs settled properly, he hoped they would find a comfortable place as he moved. All the while the taunting continued. He pulled his gym shirt on as fast as he could and changed into his shorts in record time and walked as fast as he could out of the room. He felt the difference in the rhythm of his bust bouncing, the sports bra provided a little less damping but was much better overall at restricting the amount of movement, though any that did happen took a little longer to stop completely.

Gym was a nightmare of running and jumping, even with the sports bra his boobs nearly hit him in the face. The weight and movement caused him to be so self conscious he could barely do the activities required. He could feel eyes on him, girls as well as guys, the t-shirt was tighter than the sweater, and provided a much more view of the curve of his bust to those around him.

He tried to just block everything out except the instructions from the teacher.

Eventually it ended, and he was back in the locker room. He managed to get a shower stall near the end of the room, the taunting started up again, he did his best to ignore it completely and showered as fast as he could and got back into his normal clothes faster than he thought possible. He did have to stop in a bathroom on the way to his next class to get his breasts settled comfortably in the cups of his bra, but that was a price he was happy to pay to get out of the locker room faster.

The last class of the day was math, Jon liked math, for the first time that day he could concentrate on the class enough to mostly forget about the eyes on his chest. He listened and took notes, still very aware of his arm’s contact with his breast, and the way the weight altered how he held his shoulder, but he was focused enough to not let it bother him.

Eventually the day ended. He eagerly rushed through the halls, feeling the increased tempo of his walk in his chest, and not caring about the comments and pointing, because he was free and getting away from it.

Jon arrived at the wall first, when Karyn saw him waiting she broke into something halfway between a jog and a run. When she reached him she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss, full on the lips. He was surprised, but since this was the fourth time she had surprise kissed him he reacted quickly, returning the embrace and the kiss. They were both feeling the sensation of their boobs squishing against each other. For Jon it was still novel, and pleasant, for Karyn it wasn’t so new… but her new feelings about boobs made it mean something different to her in this context. It was something like feeling up the other’s breast, but less. The awareness of the size and proximity of them. Jon was used to the meaning, but not the half happening to him. For Karyn the new meaning was strange, but pleasurable.

They broke the kiss, but not the embrace.

“Mmm Jon-boyfriend, you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Oh?” The kiss had washed away much of Jon’s built up stress from the day. He was glad anew that they had finally admitted to each other and themselves how they felt. “How much?”

“Enough to do it again” And she did, pulling Jon tighter against her.

After they broke the kiss again Jon said, “We should probably head out, I don’t really want to hang around here any longer than I have to.”

“OK, shall we hang out at your place?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“This walk we’re holding hands though.”

“Whatever you like.”

They released the embrace and started walking towards Jon’s house.

Two people observed this kiss, both of them surprised. One was Sarah. The other was Jon’s younger sister Zoe.

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