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20. Change Below

19. it get's worse

18. Welcome Home

17. Hair Less Apparent?

16. Running into Karyn's Mom

15. The Bigger They Are

14. and so they shrink

13. Intentional Wishing?

12. Pucker Up

11. Clothes Encounter?

10. Jon Gets an Eyeful

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7. Stepping Up

6. Scents and Sensibilities

5. Getting Nailed

4. Out of Control Day

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Out of Control Day: A Below the Belt Change

on 2013-07-02 15:59:29

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It didn't take a genius to figure ou what had happened. Apparently, the easiest way for the stone (or whatever magical power was in my hand) to give me feme orgasms was for it to give me female sexual organs. My fingers traced around the soft, feminine shape that was only familiar to me from pictures of the internet, causing a low moan of pleasure to escape my lips. I immediately pulled back. I felt disgusted with myself for touching something so feminine. I felt violated, the last part of me that proved without a doubt I was male had now been replaced. I felt, really aroused.

I was so overwhelmingly horny. Every fiber of my body was telling me to give in and except it, and my arousing scent was just getting stronger sitting here. Focusing ever once of my mental determination, I forced myself to my feet and made my slow way towards my room, ignoring the silky smooth sensation of my panties rubbing up against my new nether regions, ignoring the bobbing and jiggling of my completely freed bosom. I needed both hands to brace myself against the wall so that entirely off balance body wouldn't pull me over. By the time I reached my room my arousal had diminished greatly, and I collapsed on my bed exhausted.

Bad idea. Screaming, I threw myself off the bed as the twin sensations of pleasure and pain radiated from my nipples after having been laid on. Well, I guess sleeping on my stomach was no longer an option.

Gasping for breath (but through my mouth so I wouldn't inhale my scent again), I rallied my strength again, this time to sit on my bed in a much less painful position. But just as I reached my feet, I noticed something awful.

My entire room had transformed. My floor had been replaced with a soft-white shag carpet. My old twin sized bed was now a queen sized bed with an ornate heart shaped headboard, the white sheets and blue blanket replaced with purple satin and a light pink, thick comforter. All of my posters of my favorite rock bands had replaced with unrecognized, all female groups of the same genres.
My desk and bookshelf were unchanged, but I could my selection of reading material had changed just by glancing at the unfamiliar covers. My TV was still sitting on top of my bookshelf, and I knew I was still a gamer because the GameCube my parents had given me after they bought the family Wii was still there, but I was willing to bet my selection of games had changed somewhat. Most disturbingly, my dresser now had a vanity table sitting on it, and a full length mirror hung from the back of my door.

I walked back towards it, both terrified and morbidly eager over what I would see. What stared back at was the oddest person I had ever seen.

Heavy makeup covered a face that was still clearly male, other than the huge pouty lips. Arms slightly muscular from a recreational use of the gym came out from around the two jiggling melons still freed from their constraints. Manly legs stood in complete contrast to the mini skirt above and the high heels and feminine feet below. But what shocked me wasn't the sever contrast between male and female over most of my body, it was the part that looked female when I had made my wish for it yet.

My waist was narrower than before, only an inch or so, but made more noticeable by my midriff baring...shirt. In contrast, my hips were now slightly wider, not by much, but just enough to flair out my skirt slightly.

How could that be? Then it hit me. The wish that had given me a vagina must have also given me a girl's internal organs, so my pelvis must be wider to accommodate, which of course made my hips wider. Turning back to my bed to contemplate this new development, I found my mouth opening yet again.

"I wish that I have an extremely narrow, waspish waist, that my hips are more than three times as wide, and that my giant ass is made of a soft, almost spongy material that feels erotic when touched."

I reeled as my hand glowed and my balance was thrown off yet again. Shock and anguish nearly overcame my as I forced myself to turn back towards the mirror.

I now had a perfect hourglass figure. My waist caved in so much I felt like I was going to snap in half. Then I saw the lower body, with hips so wide I thought I would have trouble getting through doorways. (An exaggeration of course. I was only about fifteen inches side down there, but that's still huge and you can't blame me for freaking out) I turned again to view my new ass.

Along with newly enlarged hips, my ass made me wide enough that the mini skirt couldn't reach down past them, completely revealing my thong and half of each cheek to the world. Horror filled me again as I realized that, if I had to always where clothes like this, I could never be public decent again.

It was when I turned for the third time that I noticed something else. My new hips were so wide they bent my legs so that when I was standing still my knees touched but my feet were a good ten inches apart. I tried to take a step forward, but I could barely get to four inches without feeling a slight pain in my hips at the distance, and I could tell that it was only a good deal of flexibility training that made even that possible.

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