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3. Really Young Mom

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Really Young Mom

on 2007-05-11 03:59:27

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As Jon's mom was cleaning Jon's room she began to think about her life and how it had come to this. When she had been younger she had been a real fire ball, men had thrown themselves at her. She had truely loved Jon's dad, but now that he gone she couldn't help but wonder what might have been. She had always thought she would stay viberant and young forever, but now as a single mom, with a boring job and a morgage on a house that was, despite her best efforts, falling apart.

She sighed as she sat down on Jon's bed. She lay back against the back board, there was a slight thump as the magic stone fell from it's hiding place. Jon's mom sighed again, this time exasperatedly, that kid of hers, why did he always think that he could hide anything in the lose panel in his head board.

She bent and picked up the rock and looked at it. Why was Jon keeping this thing anyway? It looked like a strangly painted rock. She lay back again and sighed again.

"I used to be so cool, what happened to the good old days? It would be so good if I could just turn back time. Gee I wish I could be young again. I'd never have to worry abou...ow..OW!"

Her entire body was shaking as she began to change. She found she was losing weight, her vigina felt like is was on fire. Her clothes were becoming baggier as she slimmed. Her hair which had been gray was turning brown and soft again, as it grew longer.

In a moment it was over. Jon's mom dropped the stone she had been holding and raised her hands to her face. As she moved her hands down she felt her new young body, her face lit up in shock. She was a little girl. Her wish had been she could redo her life without making the same mistakes again. She couldn't know that she was slowly forgetting everything she had learned as an adult, for after all, she was younger now in body... and mind.

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