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2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Mom's Turn

on 2000-07-24 18:02:40

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As soon as Jon got home he carefully hid the rock in the loose panel on the side of his bed. He figured it was the one place his mom might not look. Every since his grandfather's "death" his mother seemed extremely concerned that he might get depressed and do somthing stupid so she began snooping. It was nice that his' Mother worried about him but sometimes her concern was hard to live with.
The "Motherly concern" was why he knew he had to get out for a while tonight. He figured he would head out to te mall and get a burger and catch up with some friends. He hadn't seen anyone at all over break. He wondered if Karyn would show up with her new assets. He couldn't believe she had done that to herself with the rock but he had to admit she looked pretty good with blonde hair and bigger boobs. He would never tell her that or she would kill him, however.

Jon's mother was worried about her son. After his grandfather's funeral he had become quite sullen and uncommunicative. She didn't like to invade his privacy but she felt she had to check up on him to make sure he didn't do anything he would regret in a fit of grief. At least that box he got as inheritance seemed to lift his spirits.
She wondered what was in that box. In fact she was nearly dying of curiosity. Her son didn't want to tell her but she was going to find out. What Jon never suspected was that she knew his secret hiding place. Mom's always know these things, she thought. That nook under the bed was a clever spot and would have fooled nearly everyone except a Mom. Mostly he kept harmless things there like his porno collection so she never confronted him about it. Now her patience would pay off and she would get some real dirt.
As soon as she heard the door close she went up to Jon;s room and removed the panel...
"A rock? Why the heck is he so secretive about a rock?"
The phone rang.
"Hi, this is Karyn is Jon there?"
"No, I think he just went out to the mall. Do you want me to tell him you called?"
"That's Ok. I will probably see him there. Thanks Mrs.Parker"
"Bye bye"
Jon's Mom hung up the phone. What a nice girl, she thought, I wish my son could be little more like her.
In her hand she still held the rock.

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