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3. Boys will be boys

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2000-08-12 00:57:03

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Jon's Mom went back to examining the rock after she had hung up the phone. She delved deeper into the secret hiding place trying to find any clue as to what the rock was or what it meant. In her search she accidentally pulled out one of his porn mags. She smiled at the ridiculously well-endowed girl on the cover. What was it with teenaged boys and big breasts, she wondered. Ah, well, she wouldn't say anything to him about his 'secret' stash. She grinned as she put the magazine back in its hiding place. "I wish Jon had to carry round a pair of tits like that," she muttered, grinning to herself, "maybe then he'd realise they're nothing more than a pain in the back!" She chuckled at her little joke to herself and put the rock back in the cubby-hole, trying to arrange things to look like they hadn't been touched. The rock would have to remain a mystery for the moment.

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