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Freddie's profile

Member since 2000-08-12 00:57:03

N:Change of View
nothing to do
2008-06-05You Are What You Wish7
N:What Now?
Everything will be okay...
2008-06-03You Are What You Wish6
2008-06-03You Are What You Wish8
TGS:Lucky Break
Lucky Break
2008-06-01You Are What You Wish4
ANL:Over Again
... and remembered it had been five helpings
2008-05-31You Are What You Wish5
TNL:Nice Try
Not so easy
2008-05-31You Are What You Wish7
Just in the nick of time
Nick of Time
2003-02-17You Are What You Wish4
Grandpa is that you?
shared fates
2002-04-07You Are What You Wish11
At the complex
2001-06-11You Are What You Wish7
Remember your French class
Parlez-vous francais?
2000-11-08You Are What You Wish14
Grandpa to granddaughter
2000-10-09You Are What You Wish11
Boys will be boys
2000-08-12You Are What You Wish3

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