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21. Oh Shit

20. Girl Talk

19. Where did Rachel, Kelly, and G

18. The Cheerleaders

17. Jon Heads Home

16. Karyn and Sarah plan a Girl's

15. Mom Meets Karyn

14. Meeting Mom

13. At the School(Version 4)

12. Language Lesson

11. Meanwhile... (Interlude)

10. Wednesday 3:47PM

9. Wednesday in the Hall with Zoe

8. Wednesday Morning

7. Tuesday 3:47PM

6. Back at the Mall

5. Making Sense

4. Karyn

3. Random family swaps

2. You know all those branches wh

Family Swap: Oh, Shit

on 2024-07-05 23:53:11

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Jon was a bit nervous about a date, especially since he didn't have any idea with who, or when. Fortunately, his new little sister, Lorraine, kept leaking details to Sarah every time she asked a question. It did save him on trying to make up a lie. It was a school night, so they were just going to go have dinner.

"So much for a family night out," Sarah declared. "Let's get your brother cleaned up, and the two of us can go out. We can even drop Jon off."

"Cleaned up?" Jon asked.

"This is a date, Jon," Sarah said, maternally. "You are going to at least put on some clean clothes and comb your hair, I hope?'re just like your father. I once caught him trying to go to work with two different colored socks."

That definitely sounded like Jon's father. Perpetually distracted, always working on something. At least some things were least on the men's side of the family.

The more Sarah acted like a mother, the easier it was to slip into pretending she was his mother...because everyone other than him, including her, believed it. She picked out pants and a clean shirt, made him change, comb his hair, and then looked approvingly before ushering him into the car to a local Italian restaurant. It wasn't a luxury place, or a was average. "Did she pick this or did you?"

"She did," he said, hoping it was true.

"Smart girl. Not too cheap or too expensive, so it won't be awkward. Call me if you need a lift," Sarah said.

"I want to watch," Lorraine said.

"So do I, but your brother is awkward enough without an audience," Sarah said. "No offense, Jon. But...I think you'll be more comfortable without us."

That was for sure. He got out of the car and waited in front of the restaurant, looking around, trying to spot his date. Finally, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see a brunette standing there. She seemed way out of his league...gorgeous. "Have you been waiting long?" She asked.

"," he said, wondering why she seemed familiar. With all the familial changes, it was making it hard to keep up. Then, it suddenly hit him. Oh, shit...

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