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20. Girl Talk

19. Where did Rachel, Kelly, and G

18. The Cheerleaders

17. Jon Heads Home

16. Karyn and Sarah plan a Girl's

15. Mom Meets Karyn

14. Meeting Mom

13. At the School(Version 4)

12. Language Lesson

11. Meanwhile... (Interlude)

10. Wednesday 3:47PM

9. Wednesday in the Hall with Zoe

8. Wednesday Morning

7. Tuesday 3:47PM

6. Back at the Mall

5. Making Sense

4. Karyn

3. Random family swaps

2. You know all those branches wh

1. You Are What You Wish

Family Swap: Girl Talk

on 2024-06-16 14:48:52
Episode last modified by The Guest on 2024-07-01 07:28:38

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Rachel looked at Kelly as they warmed up. "So, who is it this time? Biff Meadows? Steve Farber?" Kelly was a red-haired and athletic beauty with a lot of energy...which she normally vented at either cheerleading or men.

Kelly looked at her. "At least I date...You hang around with Jon all the time. It's like having a boyfriend, but none of the fun parts."

"Jon is like my brother," Rachel said. "He's a sweet guy, maybe a bit clueless sometimes...but better than fantasizing about Biff and Steve...I mean, Steve will say anything to get into a girl's pants and Biff is one step above caveman."

"I'm just trying have a social life...I'm not planning to marry them or anything," Kelly said. "And despite what Steve claims, everyone who went out with him didn't end up in bed with him. And that includes me." The previous day, when Kelly Sanders had been Kelly Robertson...a young teacher, she'd been known for her serious attitude and how much she seemed to hate how her students behaved, dressing severely to make herself look older, when she was less than a decade older than they were. Now she was behaving like one of them.

Rachel looked at her fellow cheerleader. "Well, I might not be hanging around with Jon as much...if the date goes well."

"You really think it was a good idea to fix two of your friends up?" Kelly asked. "I mean...what if it doesn't work out? Then the two of them will start avoiding each other...and..."

Gillian, also doing warmups, moved closer. "What are you two talking about?"

"Jon," Kelly said. "I said maybe she shouldn't have fixed him up."

"Yeah, maybe you should have fixed me up," Gillian said. "I mean...Jon's kinda cute..."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "It was her idea, not mine...You know Jon needs a little push think he would have asked someone out otherwise? Although, he has been a bit weirder than normal since his grandfather died."

"Are you three going to stand there pretending to warm up or are we going to practice?" Linda called.

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