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25. Karyn Lays Low

24. The Trio is Looking for Someon

23. Leonard, Gladys, and Derek

22. Nadine the Musician

21. Karyn Gets Nadine's Necklace

20. Normalcy?

19. Someone Else Has the Jumper

18. Karyn Tries to Help Others

17. Kyla Fixes Herself.

16. Zoe and Sarah Become Friends

15. Panic Attack

14. Tidal Wave: Jon

13. Zoe and Sarah's Class

12. Outside the Principal's Office

11. Kyla

10. Zoe and Sarah

9. Tidal Wave

8. Jon and Karyn Arrive

7. Clique Morning

6. The Whole Cheerleading Squad

Tidal Wave: Karyn Tries to Lay Low

on 2024-07-04 11:13:04

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Karyn took a deep breath and turned and found herself face to face with Athena Devries. She had on a men's suit jacket over her dress. "Shouldn't you be heading to class?" She said, sternly.

"Probably," Karyn agreed, unable to stop looking at Athena. "I...this is just...very confusing."

Athena's stern demeanor softened a bit. "I know...but why don't you get to class and let us worry about what happened?" She said.

"Are you sure you are all right?" Karyn said, looking at her. Athena wasn't known for being stern...she was usually aloof, preferring to hang out with her friends.

"Yes, thank you. I got a knock on the head like everyone did...I'm feeling much better now." Athena relaxed a bit. This one wasn't trying to get out of class, she was just a bit confused. "Now...class..."

Karyn sighed and walked down the hall, fingering her cross. Something definitely was wrong around her, and she hoped she'd be able to fight whatever evil came of it. She slipped into her class, and found people acting equally strange. seemed better to not call attention to it, as that hadn't worked so far. No one seemed to comment when she arrived, even though most of them were just sitting there.

Then she spotted that Japanese student, Yuki...Karyn didn't know much about her, she seemed a bit shy, but she was sitting nearby, wearing Karyn's jumper, looking agitated about something.

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