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28. Cat's next class

27. Back to Cat

26. Meeting Zoe

25. A Change in Class

24. In the hallway

23. Cat’s POV

22. Arriving at school

21. Picking up Gary

20. The next morning

19. Getting home

18. Heading out

17. Getting some coffee

16. Walking the mall

15. Sandwich shop

14. Walk to the strip mall

13. Getting ready to go out

12. Taking in the new feminine sen

11. Turning Jon into a sexy girl

10. Two weeks

9. Gary wants Jon to try out bein

Cat's next class

on 2024-06-08 15:21:56

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Cat's melodious, high-pitched voice reverberated with an infectious excitement as she animatedly finished recounting the earlier encounter with Gary to Maddi and Lexi. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she spoke, her hands gesturing expressively, the long, perfectly manicured nails catching the light.

"And then, like, he totally blushed, you know? He was, like, soooo crimson!" she giggled, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder with a practiced flick of her wrist.

Maddi and Lexi smiled but exchanged knowing looks, their expressions filled with amusement.

"Gary? Seriously?" Maddi drawled, her eyes rolling slightly. "That dweeb? Girl, you are just teasing him, right?"

Cat giggled again, although noting the dismissive tone. "Oh, totally! Like, he's just fun to mess with, y'know?" she replied, her voice laced with a playful edge. But deep down, Jon's old self bristled at the easy dismissal of his friend, even as Cat's persona reveled in the attention and camaraderie of her new social circle.

Mr. English's voice boomed from the front of the classroom, breaking through their chatter. "Alright, everyone, that's enough. The bell is about to ring, so let's wrap this up. Remember to finish your homework for tomorrow."

The students began to gather their belongings, and Cat found herself moving with a practiced grace, sliding her notebooks into her designer handbag. She couldn't help but notice the appreciative glances from some of the boys in the class, their eyes lingering on her as she stood. A small part of Jon still felt a pang of unease at the attention, but Cat's growing confidence drowned it out, making her walk with an extra sway in her step.

As he exited the classroom, the bell ringing loudly in the background, Jon felt the usual anxiety of his next class. It was history. Gary wasn't in it, and Steve Farber was. Steve, with his cocky smile and arrogance, acting like he owned the school and had always been a big nuisance to Jon, especially as they were next to one another on the seating plan. Thinking on it now, Cat, with her popular social status, seemed to think his attention was only somewhat irritating. Steve was a womanizer, but Cat was a flirt, and Jon was still resolved to embrace this life. Experiencing how people treated him differently as a girl was part of that.

Entering the history classroom, Cat immediately spotted Steve lounging in his seat, his feet propped up on the desk in front of him. He looked up as she walked in, his eyes lighting up with interest.

"Hey there, Kitty Cat," he greeted, using the nickname that sent a shiver of conflicting emotions through her.

"Like, hi Steve," she replied in a sing-song voice, smoothing her skirt and sliding girlishly into the seat next to him.

Steve leaned in closer, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "So, what's this I hear about you teasing poor little Gary? You really got him wrapped around your finger, huh?"

Cat felt a surge of pride mixed with a lingering guilt, but she pushed the latter aside. "Oh, you know how it is," she said, her voice dripping with faux innocence. "He's just, like, so easy to mess with. But it's all in good fun!"

"Well, if you ever get bored of teasing him, you know where to find me," Steve chuckled, his eyes lingering on her cleavage for a moment too long. To Jon's chagrin, she found herself pushing her chest forward at the attention, pouting. She rolled her eyes playfully, feeling a strange thrill at the flirtation.

"Oh, Steve, you're, like, such a player," she teased, batting her eyelashes. The banter felt easy, almost natural, and for a moment, she forgot the awkwardness and discomfort that had plagued Jon in these interactions.

The class started, and Cat tried to focus on the lesson, but her mind kept drifting. The sensation of her tight clothes, the lingering scent of her perfume, the feel of her long hair brushing against her back—all of it was new and distracting. Feeling overstimulated, Jon tried shifting in the seat and uncrossing his legs, trying to get comfortable in a body that still felt foreign in some ways. It was to no avail, as Cat delicately and quickly re-crossed them and absent-mindedly toyed with her hair.

As Mr. Roberts droned on about the causes of the American Revolution, Cat's thoughts wandered back to the morning's events. The way Zoe had blushed and stammered around Gary, the way Gary had looked at her with a mix of exasperation and amusement—it all played back in her mind..

"Miss Gibson," Mr. Roberts's voice cut through her reverie, snapping her back to the present. "Perhaps you can tell us what series of laws were passed after the Boston Tea Party?"

While Cat may have seemed ditzy and distracted on the outside, Jon was still there, on the inside. "Um, like, the Intolerable Acts, right?" he said, flashing a bright smile.

Mr. Roberts nodded, looking slightly surprised. "Correct. Thank you, Miss Gibson."

Cat let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding, feeling a small surge of pride. She glanced over at Steve, who gave her a surprised look.

As the class continued, Cat found herself more and more immersed in the persona of Catherine Gibson. She chatted with Steve and a few of the other students, catching the disapproving eye of Mr. Roberts more than once but ignoring them. Cat's laughs were high and musical, her mannerisms effortlessly feminine. Each interaction, each flirtatious comment, each shared piece of gossip pulled her deeper into this new life.

When the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the period, Cat gathered her things with a practiced grace. She had another class to get through before lunch. As she sashayed out of the classroom, hands held limply and delicated up in the air, she glanced back to see Steve's lingering gaze following her. She winked at him.

The hallways were crowded with students, and Cat moved through them with an ease and confidence that surprised even her. Jon couldn't help but wonder what Gary was up to, how Zoe was handling her project, and what the rest of the day would bring. But for now, he was Kitty Cat, the popular, sexy, confident girl who had the world at her feet.

Name: Catherine "Kitty Cat" Gibson
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color/Length: Blonde/15 Inches
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Body Type: Sexy
Face: Pretty, cute
Cup Size: D
Social status: Popular
Voice: High, sing-song
Speech: Girly, valley girl
Mannerisms: Sexy, girly, flirty
Clothes: Only wears sexy, revealing clothes. Only wears high heels. Always carries a handbag.
Makeup: Always wears full makeup. Frequently primps.
Nails: Always wears long nails
Habits: Often visits nail salons. Often gets a makeover. Frequently drives her around in her Porsche.
Interests: Makeup. Clothes. Shopping. Social media. Caramel Macchiatos.
Traits: Vegetarian. Goes out of the way to act girly and sexy. Slowly becoming attracted to boys. Thinks of herself as a girl.
Memories: Daddy buying her dream car. Teaching young Gary how to drive.
World: Perfectly accepts girls like her wearing risque clothing in public, though it's uncommon. Her confidence is an inspiration.
Family: Cat's sister has a crush on Gary.

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