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27. Back to Cat

26. Meeting Zoe

25. A Change in Class

24. In the hallway

23. Cat’s POV

22. Arriving at school

21. Picking up Gary

20. The next morning

19. Getting home

18. Heading out

17. Getting some coffee

16. Walking the mall

15. Sandwich shop

14. Walk to the strip mall

13. Getting ready to go out

12. Taking in the new feminine sen

11. Turning Jon into a sexy girl

10. Two weeks

9. Gary wants Jon to try out bein

8. Testing the limits

Back to Cat

on 2024-05-24 01:04:04

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Bimbo MTF

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Resurrecting the branch because it is one of my favorites on the site. Switching between Cat/John name and he/her pronouns throughout it to show if John is doing something consciously or if the compulsions are acting for him.

Like, ugh, that bitch. Cat thought reflexively, not even stopping to question her own thoughts as Gary dashed over to talk to her sister, Zoe. She wouldn't admit it, but Gary running away from her to talk with another girl, let alone her sister, bothered her a lot. Am I not, like, pretty enough?

There was a moment where Gary looked back, and their eyes met, before he turned back and kept helping Zoe.

Cat let out a huff, her hand unconsciously coming up to flip her hair, and strutted into her math class, putting a bit of an extra wiggle in her step to try and take Gary's eyes off of Zoe.

The room was largely empty, save for Mr. English and a few other students, but Cat was still compelled to act her sexiest, chest thrust out, ass swaying side to side. She approached her normal desk, but it felt wrong. There was some sixth sense that she had telling her not to sit there. It wasn't the hard control of needing to do her makeup and hair in the morning, or being forced to move sexily, or talk like a valley girl, but was a bit more subtle. A discomfort that persisted in the back of her brain saying that sitting there would be wrong. John may have tried to fight it, but compelled emotion or not he was still hurt at Gary talking to Zoe instead of him, and decided to follow Cat's instincts and sashay to the back of the classroom where the snobs sat. The cheerleaders, jocks, and the popular crowd that wouldn't be caught dead with John in it.

John looked down at himself, his view dominated by the site of his own cleavage straining against his black top. And now I guess I'll fit right in.

People slowly filed into the classroom over the next few minutes, and, Maddi came strolling up to his desk. John hadn't interacted much with Maddi. She was a Senior Cheerleader who had almost been held back several times over the years, and known as one of the biggest gossips in the school. They hadn't talked much, but if she was going to say anything to John it would have been a rude comment, or, on a good day, trying to get him to do her homework.

"Oh my gawd Cat! Did you hear what happened last night between Blake and Susan?!"

John wanted to roll his eyes, and scoff, but before he knew it her mouth was open "Like, no! What happened?" and found himself gossiping through the conversation like a natural.

The next several minutes passed in a blur, and it wasn't until the stern voice of Mr. English calling out "Catherine Gibson! Stop your blathering and pay attention! All of you!" that he realized just how invested he had become in that conversation. Did it matter that Tiffany Sanders hadn't worn a bra to school today and was letting her nipples poke out? Or that Steve Farber had broken up with yet another girlfriend? No. And yet... Cat was having fun. She was enjoying the gossip, and getting to know things. And even as Mr. English droned on and on about algebra and finding X - which John would have normally paid attention to - Cat was getting distracted. She had just been about to tell Maddi and Lexi about how crimson Gary had gotten while they were walking down the hallway together, and she hadn't even gotten to the good part!

Name: Catherine "Kitty Cat" Gibson
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color/Length: Blonde/15 Inches
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Body Type: Sexy
Face: Pretty, cute
Cup Size: D
Social status: Popular
Voice: High, sing-song
Speech: Girly, valley girl
Mannerisms: Sexy, girly, flirty
Clothes: Only wears sexy, revealing clothes. Only wears high heels. Always carries a handbag.
Makeup: Always wears full makeup. Frequently primps.
Nails: Always wears long nails
Habits: Often visits nail salons. Often gets a makeover. Frequently drives her around in her Porsche.
Interests: Makeup. Clothes. Shopping. Social media. Caramel Macchiatos.
Traits: Vegetarian. Goes out of the way to act girly and sexy. Slowly becoming attracted to boys. Thinks of herself as a girl.
Memories: Daddy buying her dream car. Teaching young Gary how to drive.
World: Perfectly accepts girls like her wearing risque clothing in public, though it's uncommon. Her confidence is an inspiration.
Family: Cat's sister has a crush on Gary.

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