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5. push the button Jon

4. Tiger girl toy

3. small toy?

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Toy trouble

on 2024-06-07 12:31:49

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Anthro Body_Swap FTM Inanimate MTF Stuck TF

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Jon pushed the button. The room started too spin then it stopped.
Jon looked at the toy again but it was now a bunny boy. It looked like Jon it even wore his clothes.
The toy started to glow brighter and brighter then it was gone. Jon wanted too look for it but something else had his attention.
Jon felt different his hair seemed longer his legs felt cold he felt something over his but something like a tail his hearing seemed better
and he seemed top heavy now.
When Jon looked down he saw cleavage Jon had cleavage. He looked at his hands they were dainty and had sharp claw like fingernails.
Jon reached behind him self and grabbed a tail his tail It was light blue with purple stripes Jon could feel it was a part of him Jon was
now the tiger girl Jon reached for the rock but it was gone it was in his pants his pants were now on the bunny boy toy and the bunny boy
toy poofed away Jon was stuck like this.

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