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272. Upgrades

271. A Big War

270. Traveling

269. Dismissal

268. Servicing

267. Last Chance

266. Proposals

265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

Upgrading the AEP Units

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First was the limb blades. From there, it was a basic handgun barrel with a 10-shot magazine. Next up was a shotgun. Then was a bolt action rifle. Finally, was the big automatic rifles. After that was a small red light laser cannon. The cannons were a separate branch of research. The got higher frequency of fire and color. At the end of both trees was a large plasma cannon. When the research for the plasma cannons was complete, we called all of them to the lab. It had taken me weeks. Paul and Brett were actually annoyed that everything was taking so long. Unlike the AEP and PEP labs, the AEP units could create anything with their nanites. They just needed the blueprints for it. All of them could simply download it. I had seen it in person multiple times as their bodies morphed to create new organs. From there, they just had to choose on what upgrade they wanted and what part of their bodies would they put it in. I wondered what they were going to pick. The apparatus was a group of beds linked directly to the large computer in their lab. They all could sit down and choose.

Dawg and 12-001 were invited to the grand unveiling. As guests, I allowed them to take 2 of the 4 beds for the first session. The others' names were put into a tumbler for me to draw at random. The lucky winner was Kyan. I clapped for him. The first session would be those 3. I was fine with it. Everyone in the clan came over to watch. I was happy. Even our mole in the police force called in sick for this. They were able to connect to the chairs via the ports in their chests and download the blueprints. That was a great sign. "A strong plasma cannon like this should be mounted down in the stomach." 12-001 said haughtily. I just nodded. "It's as good a spot as any for it." I said to be polite. He was very unimpressed with me agreeing with him here. He looked pretty excited though. They closed their eyes to visualize it in their minds. As it downloaded, his body began to create it. Their nanites shifted and wiggled around as they constructed the cannon. The others did the same for their own bodies. Since it was the best thing to get, they all got it. I did not blame them. Why waste their time?

Using substandard equipment could get them killed out in the field. Fighting was not a joke. They each had them in different locations. It really was a matter of what place suited them the best. I was not going to get in their way on this decision. Bryson, Parker and Grant had theirs on their stomach. Aidan, Kyan and Bryar had theirs on their upper backs. I really wished I could show this to Chase. I know that he would have been excited. Both Rebecca and Courtney had theirs on their lower backs. Hannah and Megan had hers on their left arm. Allison and Caroline put their cannons on their right arm. When they were all done with the integration, Parker said "This does not answer what we should do with the excess memory nanites that we absorbed." I had an idea that was very dumb, but cool. "Well, all the androids of my home had guns in their butt. No one ever sees it coming." I said. All of them looked at me unimpressed. That was until they saw I was very serious. "But a gun... in the anus!? How would that work out logistically?" Grant demanded. I just shook my head with a smug look.

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