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271. A Big War

270. Traveling

269. Dismissal

268. Servicing

267. Last Chance

266. Proposals

265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

Sonic Clan VS. Erosion Clan and Electric Clan

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Putting a stop to that was my first concern. "Listen. I want you to get off the streets. One, it's not appropriate to go with another clan's operations without permission from your officers. Two, you were allowed to stay in order to play with 06-003 and the other AEPs. Is he doing okay? If he is, it's probably time to come back home." I said. A pause was on the other end of line. "...06-003 is still in the clan building and isn't trying to fight crime." Courtney said. Something about the pause made me not trust it. I narrowed my eyes. "Is that true?" I probed. "... No?" she admitted. I sighed and said "Well, you and Megan can come back home. It's been a week. If 06-003 is still sad, I feel for him. He's going to need to work it out with the rest of his clan though. You've done all that you can by being friendly to him when he was feeling low." They did not look happy having to leave, but they obeyed. I was their clan engineer. They could not defy a direct order from me. I had some mercy on them. Giving them a final day to say goodbye was nothing to me. Making good friends solidified bonds of our alliance.

Jake called me late the next day. Apparently, they were caught up in the middle of a big skirmish between PEA units from Sonic Clan and Electric Clan. Now that they were involved all of the western quadrant had flared up into a full out war. That was not my problem. Major Watts had forbid us from even going there. To be honest, I did not even know the name of their captain. "Well, tell them I wish them luck. What will you be doing? You must be going to war too." I said. I did not want them to actually die. He nodded his head. I had to get off the call when Megan and Courtney returned home. I pat them on the head and praised them for a job well done. As expected, it made all the others respect them. Not all of them had been trusted to go out on major missions as of yet. Paul, Brett and I took them out on the diplomatic missions when we were first looking for clan alliances. I had not been idle all of this time. I was working in the AEP lab to research some upgrades for them. Preparing things as a clan engineer usually meant long days and nights in their labs. I was not a normal NPC.

There was not much to do. I just set the tech to research in the lab and it was ready 3 days later. To be fair, I had been neglectful due to our success. We had a whole lot of things to give to my AEP units. I also saw that there were lots of upgrades that we needed to give them. I could give them limb blades, guns, and laser canons. I could also give them the ability to fly by giving them the ability to make wings. The AEP units could all take humanoid form and alter their own appearance at will, but they would need their upgrades to do more. Because of my cheat skills given to me. It was much faster for me to do this that a normal cyborg engineer. It was well enough. A skill to make all the research the default lowest allowed me to catch up and surpass the others. We had the overwhelming numbers in terms of AEP units, but we had not done any upgrades. If not careful we would start to see them begin to beat our units in combat prowess. I was not about to let that happen on my watch. It would take me some time to get to the end of all the trees and various upgrades. Still, it was not far.

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