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The Cultivation Method
Break Through
2020-10-29The Future of Gaming26
A Younger Sister's Love
Sister Visit
2020-10-28The Future of Gaming25
A Proven Crusader
Crusade Ends
2020-10-28The Future of Gaming94
Rebuffing a Deity
Run Away
2020-10-28The Future of Gaming93
Not Bothering Anymore
Cross Border
2020-10-27The Future of Gaming92
Hold Up
2020-10-27The Future of Gaming91
A New Ministry
2020-10-26The Future of Gaming90
A Mysterious Plot
A Mystery
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming46
The Purge
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming45
Traitors in Our Midst
Coup Attempt
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming44
Flawless Victory
Archery Tournament
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming43
Mao Gengxin Vs. Yawen
The Duel
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming42
The End of the Run
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming41
The Feng Clan
2020-10-25The Future of Gaming40
Calling It a Day
Return Home
2020-10-23The Drafting Board35
Number 2 and 3
2020-10-23The Drafting Board34
An Easy Challenge
Mack Accepts
2020-10-23The Drafting Board33
Back with Mack
2nd Bar
2020-10-23The Drafting Board32
Digging Deep
Bank Account
2020-10-23The Drafting Board31
Finding Refuge
Keeping Low
2020-10-22The Future of Gaming24
The Great Escape
James Persues
2020-10-22The Future of Gaming23
Too Hot to Handle
Resist It
2020-10-22The Future of Gaming22
Giving Up
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming21
A First Death
Retracing Steps
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming20
In the Library
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming19
Foundation Establishment
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming18
A Fire Hose
Drain Him
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming17
First Blood
More Crime
2020-10-21The Future of Gaming16
Up to No Good
Make Trouble
2020-10-20The Future of Gaming15
Setting Up
2020-10-20The Future of Gaming14
He Tries It
2020-10-20The Future of Gaming13
Clothing on Clones
Leave Benson
2020-10-20The Future of Gaming12
Cumming Around to My Views
Benson Gives In
2020-10-20The Future of Gaming11
Giant Spider Vs. Magical Boy
Benson Resists
2020-10-19The Future of Gaming10
Springing the Trap
Sabotage Them
2020-10-19The Future of Gaming9
Scoping the Enemy
Perfected Mask
2020-10-19The Future of Gaming8
A Partnership
Make Contact
2020-10-19The Future of Gaming7
The Hive Mind Begins
Hive Mind
2020-10-18The Future of Gaming6
First Priorities
Skill Allocation
2020-10-18The Future of Gaming5
Oozing Right Along
2020-10-18The Future of Gaming4
Captured Cathedral
Defeat Zadicus
2020-10-17The Future of Gaming89
The Boss of the Cathedral
The Slaughter
2020-10-17The Future of Gaming88
The Cathedral Assault
The Attack
2020-10-17The Future of Gaming87
A Knight with Eta
My Room
2020-10-16The Future of Gaming86
Catboy Hacker
The Health Clinic
2020-10-16The Future of Gaming26
Getting Through It
Passing the Test
2020-10-15The Future of Gaming25
Salamander Sam
Another Club
2020-10-15The Future of Gaming24
Trial Week
The Test Continued
2020-10-15The Future of Gaming23
The Frisky Iguana
Joining Up
2020-10-14The Future of Gaming22
Taking Sides
Booty Bangers
2020-10-14The Future of Gaming21
3 way Gang War
Gang Encounter
2020-10-13The Future of Gaming20
Androids Online
The Hookup
2020-10-12The Future of Gaming19
Battledroid Developer
Accept Offer
2020-10-12The Future of Gaming18
Military Recruitment
Conion Military
2020-10-12The Future of Gaming17
The Results
Catboy Wins
2020-10-12The Future of Gaming16
The Sword Tournament
Sword Tournament
2020-10-07The Future of Gaming39
2020-10-06The Future of Gaming38
Mike's Butt
Don't Push Him
2020-10-01The Future of Gaming21
Fight for Approval
Marketing Campaign
2020-09-29The Future of Gaming15
Intersex Catboy
3rd Android
2020-09-29The Future of Gaming14
Adamu Woman
2nd Android
2020-09-28The Future of Gaming13
A Merman
1st Android
2020-09-28The Future of Gaming12
Futafun Inc.
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming11
Skill Allocation2020-09-27The Future of Gaming10
Intelligence Skill Tree
Skill Tree(Intelligence)
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming9
Capability Skill Tree
Skill Tree(Capability)
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming8
Energy Skill Tree
Skill Tree(Energy)
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming7
Programming Skill Tree
Skill Tree(Programming)
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming6
Construction Skill Tree
Skill Tree(Construction)
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming5
Paging Dr. David
Planet of Arctaria
2020-09-27The Future of Gaming4
The Afterglow
Pillow Talk
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming85
A Night with Zeta
That Night
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming84
Royal Children
Give Birth
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming37
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming36
Human Contact
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming18
Reward for Diplomacy
He Loves It
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming17
Hostile Encounters
More Interaction
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming16
Moving On Out
2020-09-24The Future of Gaming15
A Harem Boon
My Request
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming14
A Royal Schism
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming13
The Darkar Phesurs
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming12
Gathering Alot
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming11
How it Works
Learn Job
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming10
Nectar Collectors
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming9
Class Selection
Making It
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming8
The Newcomers
Oil Taken
2020-09-23The Future of Gaming7
Coming in Handy
2020-09-22The Future of Gaming6
Skill Allocation
Role Reversal
2020-09-22The Future of Gaming5
Buzzing Around
2020-09-22The Future of Gaming4
Sterben Cathedral
2020-09-22The Future of Gaming83
Bridget and Atkin
The Dancers
2020-09-21The Future of Gaming82
Dark Plotting
Next Steps
2020-09-21The Future of Gaming81
After the Battle
End of Battle
2020-09-20The Future of Gaming80
Another Duel
The Wall
2020-09-20The Future of Gaming79
Battle of Beshran City
The Battle
2020-09-19The Future of Gaming78
Quiet on the North Front
2020-09-19The Future of Gaming77
Crusade For Sacrilmon
Ask For Help
2020-09-19The Future of Gaming76
Even More Paladins
Bring Them In
2020-09-18The Future of Gaming75
Protectors- Black Ops
Their Story
2020-09-18The Future of Gaming74
Meeting New Allies
The Funeral
2020-09-18The Future of Gaming73


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