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270. Traveling

269. Dismissal

268. Servicing

267. Last Chance

266. Proposals

265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

251. Peace Route

On the Watch for AEP Movement

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Even though they were finally ready to go, I was not sure if I wanted to actually let them leave. They came in a car. It was ready to go. You only needed 3 of them to flip a transmission hub. 08-001, 08-002 and 08-003 fit the bill for this. I sighed as I looked over the car. "Remember now. I want you to go straight home. Jake is probably getting worried about you by now. I will be getting in touch with him to tell me when you get home safely. I'll also be calling all the Advocate and Research faction clans. If you stray into enemy territory, they will be on the alert." I told them. They were annoyed as I was snitching on them to everyone. Even if they were boss level NPCs, they did not want to fight everyone in a region at once. Even if they were keen in fighting the major clan, they would be repelled by all the PEP and PEA units also in the region. The military would be right there if they started a fight in the streets. The military did not trust the Advocates, but they did have a big alliance with them. Because of my influence, they also tolerated the Researchers. The 3 would be killed off quickly.

Now that they were driving off, I waved at them. Just like I said I would do, I called Jake in the clan building. Like I thought, he was not aware of their plans. He sighed for a long while. I smirked as he looked upset and put his head in his hands. Jake then apologized to me for the inconvenience. "Don't worry about it. There was not much that they could do when all the AEP units are very childish with their emotional intelligence." Jake frowned as he heard me say that. Not only were AEP units supposed to be the best evolution of their kind, Jake had personally given birth to them. When that was considered, it made sense that he was upset. Jake said "I will be sure to scold them for going off." I shook my head. "You don't have to. Just keep them in sight. Lot's of AEP units have a problem with going off and getting into trouble. It's just part of their nature." Jake paused for a beat. It was clear that I was rubbing him the wrong way in this conversation. "Yes. I'll keep them close from now on." Jake said. He then asked if he could actually form an alliance with our clan. That was simply not possible.

After that, the conversation fizzled out. Since he was the one hanging up, I just waited there. Hunter was the one that was obsessed with him. They were family. I wanted to be at the phone in case something happened. Things were still up in the air. Jake and Erosion Clan needed to tell me when 08-001, 08-002 and 08-003 got home. It was still unsure how long Megan and Courtney were going to continue their cute playdate with the Wind Clan AEP units. 06-003 was clearly traumatized by his capture in the Titron Syndicate. Keeping their spirits up in this tough time was well worth it in my opinion. Still, we could not have them out on permanent loan. They were members of our clan. Sixteenth Notes Clan was already down members with all the wars with the Conquerors. The last thing that we needed was to have more defect. Since we were not doing much there was no reason to press the issue with Wind Clan. Knowing that AEP units could wander into stupid mistakes when left alone, I decided to call them. Megan and Courtney were having fun. They were helping fight crimes. I sighed.

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