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269. Dismissal

268. Servicing

267. Last Chance

266. Proposals

265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

251. Peace Route

250. Mercenaries

Amazing Feedback Loop

avatar on 2024-06-06 19:30:50

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Speaking of moaning and panting, 08-003 was doing his fair share of it. Even though he was a cyborg without a sexual upgrade, he was still a proud Conqueror. Taking on such a dominant role against me, a human that he had been bested and perplexed by, gave his internal programming a ton of positive reinforcement. The better he fucked me in here, the more I reacted. The more I reacted, the better his brain and body felt about doing it. Which made him want to fuck harder and better. It was not a physical high for 08-003. It was all mental and emotional. It resulted in a great feedback loop. He was getting more and more dominant as time went on. Degrading dirty talk, spanking and pulling at my hair showed me that he loved all of this just as much as I did. After my fifth orgasm, I decided to call it quits. He smirked as he pulled out of me. "That's a good human slut. I'll definitely be back to put a dirty waste of space like you in your place." he purred. I shakily got to my feet and got my phone. I wired the money he was owed. He looked happy enough. "That felt good." I said. "Of course."

Modesty was not part of 08-003's vocabulary. He was a super computer. He did not need to check any devices to know that the money had moved to the account he told me to transfer it to. "I guess you 3 can go back now. Go directly to Erosion Clan. No detours to any transmission hubs along the way." I instructed. He frowned. "You don't have any authority over us. We'll go where we please." he huffed. I rolled my eyes and said "Yeah yeah. I guess not. I do care about you guys. Keep safe when you're traveling through Advocate territory." 08-003 just walked over to the door without another word. I followed him and let him out. He was going to collect his siblings and leave us for now. At least, that was what I hoped would happen now. We had to go find the others first. It did not take too long. Desespero and Zetsubō were entertaining both 08-001 and 08-002 in the sand garden. The boys were trying to show why sand gardens were nice. The 3 AEP units were not having it. They had no eye for human art, creativity or imagination. All of them thought they were above that. It was a shame.

Gathering them together, I told them that it was time for them to go. 08-001 and 08-002 were a bit upset, but 08-003 filled them in on what had happened. 08-002 looked disgusted. "How could you deal with that? She has the genitals of a horse! Wasn't it really disgusting?" she asked him. 08-001 just looked at me. "If you wanted to satisfy your biological urges, why did you not ask me? I was right there." he said. "You already got your ass pounded by Desespero and Zetsubō. I wanted to let one of your siblings handle it." I smirked. He just glared at me. Having my kids get the better of him was not something that he wanted to be reminded of. "My nanites are extremely impact resistant. I was handling the process just fine." he said testily. I was not going to start a big argument with him. Nothing good could come from it. While they were not able to secure their alliance, they did have a lot of credits to show for it. And opportunities for more. 08-001 crossed his arms and looked like he wanted an apology. I was not going to give it to him now. I was done humoring him right now. Time to leave.

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