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267. Last Chance

266. Proposals

265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

251. Peace Route

250. Mercenaries

249. Achievement

248. Modeling

My Ulterior Motives

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That made them all confused. "Why would we want to see that weakling? He doesn't have any combat abilities." 08-001 said. I smirked. "Yeah. I guess that's right. Well, I guess there really is no reason to talk to him. See you all later." I said. I ushered Zetsubō and Desespero out of the diner. Obviously, I needed to keep Hunter under lock and key. I know he will not be able to keep from snitching about the mini EMP. Especially not to 08-001. He was the one he had the most interactions with. I know that of all the qualities that Hunter had shown me, the ones I respected the most were his openness, curiosity and sensitivity for emotion. Family was something that I would say was extremely important. Since they were in danger, I bet that he would try something to alert him somehow. As I was getting ready to leave, they got in the way. Zetsubō and Desespero got separated from me. It was a cool thing. They turned into nanite paste and slithered on the floor to get in front of me. Dealing with that, I could only clap in applause. "Nice." I complimented. It did not make them any less angry though.

Using their misanthropic disposition to my advantage, I said "If I did not know any better, I would think that the AEP units of Erosion Clan were desperate for a human's attention." That made their jaws drop. None of them could let that statement go. They all tried to deny it at once. When they all tried to talk, it was hard to hear any of the cyborgs. Pointing at 08-003, I said "If you want to give a final pitch for why I should consider an offer from Jake, I will listen. I won't give you any promises, Let's go to my room first." He looked caught off guard. 08-001 just shrugged and said "08-003 is probably the only one that can make you see sense." They let us pass. I was happy to exit the diner. We would not have to make a scene moving past them. It would not be good for any of us. They were not supposed to be here. With 3 of them together, it might appear as though they are staging an attack against the transmission hub. The military would certainly raise eyebrows if they were made aware of this. I also did not think these Conqueror AEP units had it in them to accept a loss. They would fight.

Desespero and Zetsubō went off to do something on their own. 08-001 and 08-002 followed behind them grumbling amongst themselves. It was something about a trash genetic material deposit. They were more than capable of dealing with the surly cyborgs, so I left that alone. 08-003 was following me. When we got to my apartment, I opened up the door and gestured for him to go inside first. He just sighed deeply and walked in. To him, I was only a troublesome pest. A lower life form that somehow got leverage on him and his siblings. I closed and locked the door behind me with a smile on my face. Once I turned to face him, he crossed his arms. 08-003 said "Are you ready for me to explain all of this to you one more time? It really isn't that hard to understand. Even a human should have gotten it by now." I nodded my head and he began lecturing me. He told me that the Conquerors were the best faction and the others were not good partners. "Why makes deals with clans that are going to be wiped out!?" he challenged. I let him continue blathering about humans being inferior.

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