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128. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

127. Catching Up with Athena and 'M

126. Karyn and Zoe have a Chat

125. What a Difference 15 Minutes M

124. Starting to Wrap Up the Party

123. New Girl Power

122. Being Pushed Away

121. Getting Reacquainted

120. Zoe and Simon Join the Party

119. Zoe and Simon Arrive

118. Mollie Calms Robert

117. Robert and Mollie

116. Zoe and Simon Head to the McMi

115. Maddy

114. New Girl

113. Another Budding Friendship?

112. The Party Grows

111. Hot Tub Talk

110. Napping

109. Back to the Party

DMU-122: Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

on 2024-05-05 02:33:25

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Lucy entered the kitchen and noticed Robert working. "You can start cleaning up the food outside. Our guests will be leaving soon."

"Oui," Robert said, looking up at Lucy. He suddenly came to a realization that he had not up until now, he'd been too focused on his duties. Lucy was taller than he was. Not only that, her arms seemed much less delicate and more substantial.

"What are you looking at?" Lucy asked him, confused at why he wasn't moving.

"You have changed," he said.

Lucy looked at him seriously. "Yes, Robert...I've had to.." she said. He's such an immature young thing, she thought, looking at the dark skinned form that was starting to fill out the maid's uniform quite nicely.

"But...what Is everything back to before?" He asked. He didn't like when she was mad at him.

"I'm willing to move past this situation, Robert...but I don't think anything will be like it was before...for any of us," Lucy said.

He nodded.

" back to work," she said, turning away.

Robert headed out the back door onto the patio, and came face to face with a blond. The blond squinted at him.


"Oui? Is there something I can help you with?"

"I guess I look as different as you do. It's Simon...Bl....Gibson."

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