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9. Mischief in the Making

8. Robyn the Fairy Princess

7. Don't Try Keeping Secrets From

6. The Fairy King

5. Jon stops by the Lake Point Ma

4. Meet 40 year old Jon

3. Jon wishes the stone to his fu

2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

Fairy Adoption: Mischief in the Making

on 2024-05-04 21:09:04

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Aware MTF Magic Myth

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"Of course she will," Oberon agreed before saying, "but for the moment all three of us will be playing human for a little while. After all, to fully fulfill the wish, the fortunes of Lakepoint Mall will need turning around too, and who better to do it than us?"

"Ooh," Titania nearly squealed as she stepped back from Robyn and twirled in excitement, sending her long skirt wide. "We haven't played human in far too long, not since we took over for that duke and duchess." She turned back to smile at Robyn, "you're going to love making mischief in the mortal world, little one; humans are such wonderous fun to mess about with."

"What exactly are we going to be doing, father?" Robyn asked, guardedly. It seemed like she was fairly well caught in this madness, and she was fearful of what her mum and dad were going planning for it. (Even while she was worrying about elements of her old life, she didn't notice how automatically she was now thinking of Oberon and Titania as her parents.) "You're not planning anything drastic, like turning it into some crazy fairy castle, are you?"

Oberon tutted, "you have so much to learn, Robyn. Of course we won't start with anything so drastic; these things are best enjoyed over time. It's something you'll come to understand when you're older, but you can't rush like that. No, I was thinking we'd take mortal guise and become the new proprietors of the mall, setting it on a new glorious trajectory."

"So we're just going to, like, run the mall?" Robyn asked.

Titania rubbed Robyn's shoulder in a maternal fashion, "I know just running a mortal marketplace doesn't sound fun in of itself, my petal, but you need to see the full opportunity. We can use that position to have all sorts of fun with the townsfolk. Think of it, a department store selling love potion perfume, an arcade that sucks players into the games, a haberdashery with hats that give you the ears and tail of a cat, or even a pretzel place that swaps the bodies of anyone who shares a meal there. There are so many options!"

Robyn felt her stomach drop, as she thought of all her old friends and family who might fall for all the tricks her mum was talking about, even if a tiny part of her thought it sounded like it could be pretty exciting. She flexed her wings a bit to let out the stress and looked up at Titania, saying "but won't that cause a big commotion and bring the authorities and the news down on the mall?" She could only assume fairies as a general rule were against being discovered by humans, considering she herself had thought them to be mythical until a few hours ago.

The statuesque fairy queen patted her daughter's cheek dotingly, "that's why we'll start slowly, dear, and be careful to manage the mortal's perceptions. Besides, humans aren't the smartest creatures, so there's no need to worry too much. As far as most of them will think, they'll just be happy to have the local marketplace booming again. I know that mean old Linda gave you some bad advice about needing to always be responsible, but remember, the most important thing is just to have fun, my darling daughter."

Part of the green haired girl wanted to defend her former mother to her new one, but before she could say anything, Oberon cleared his throat and the fairy women turned to see him leaning against a large piece of luggage that hadn't been there before. "Sorry to interrupt such a touching moment, but we really must be getting a move on. The mortal realm awaits, and Lakepoint Mall won't become a roaring success all by itself."

"Yes, your father is right," Titania agreed, reaching out her hand to grab an old fashioned suitcase that appeared out of midair. Robyn felt a sudden weight in own left hand as a traditional valise suddenly materialized in her grip. Titania reached down to hold her right hand, giving it a comforting squeeze, before saying, "hold tight, petal, the mortal realm awaits." In a flash of golden green light, the three fairies vanished from the shifting realm of the fae, on their way to the mortal realm once more.

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