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246. My Gestation

245. Just A Day

244. 3 Triplets

243. Territorial

242. No Funeral

241. Conclusion

240. Major Reneging

239. All Out Fight

238. Cold AEP Units

237. Cold X-Frames

236. A Death

235. Dark Fluid

234. Consequences

233. Betrayal

232. Opponents

231. Loadout

230. Nickname

229. Committing

228. Big Team

227. Breeders

Rewarding Pump and Dump

avatar on 2024-05-04 17:06:20

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Liam accepted both of them reluctantly. Luckily, I did not need to press him into taking on his responsibility as a father. "I guess this is the result of my actions." he said. I nodded my head. They were a boy and a girl and they were level 100. His new clan would be fine. If he did not take them, I would have. No need to waste prime talent. I had to go to Clan Pump and Dump now. They were our first vassal. They also took the initiative to come directly to me. Since there was a free X-frame, I was going to give it to them. They had 6 members. This was the first X-frame they got. All of the other clans had their X-frames paid for. It meant that the clan engineer would need to get to work researching in the labs to create the blueprints. I never cared to ask them about it, but it was probably the case that they all had them by now. When I went to them, they were very happy with the boon. I was happy to give it to them. All clans got access to one of their region's X-frame for free. We were all in the Magnetic Clan region here. We got access to the female model, XF-12F. They had the male model.

I had forgotten to reward 09872 for giving birth to Richard. This one was all his. Because he had missed out on being able to have his second PEA offspring in the clan, it made sense that he would be given this reward. He was happy. Since this was a boon for the clan, everyone else was happy too. I decided to also give 09111 the money for the XF-12M. This way, they would be the first clan with the ability to make AEP units. I also gave 09872 the pair of sexual upgrades for them when they were ready. It would be the way they climbed their way to the top of the vassal list. I left them soon after. The gas station was still getting customers. Now it was time to see what we were going to do next. We were free from Major Watts from now. Technically, the military could call us in for anything. But they would have to make a new contract for us now. We had no criminal records to be blackmailed with anymore. They would have to find something else. Obviously, we all were down to attack other clans that were in the Conqueror faction. The Advocates were clearly winning with 7 transmission hubs.

Out of 13 transmission hubs, 7 was a clear majority. At the beginning of the stage where the hubs took sides, the Conquerors only had 6 of them. That gave them a nice plurality, but not the majority that they would have wanted. They were down to only 4 now. I wondered when they would start to make their moves on the continent. We had practically checkmated them already. By flooding all of the Advocates and Researchers with tons of cash, there was no way they would fall to a siege. Erosion Clan was the only exception. That 33 billion credits would get them far, but it was only drops in the bucket compared to what our clan was giving to all of our allies every week that passed. However, there was nothing wrong with us doing what we could to have fun. Sixteenth Notes Clan was originally a music studio after all. We could put out some new music for all of our adoring fans. We, in a way, owed it to the people that had supported us. Having cyborg representation in the media was good. We had to organize all of the members that had been performers and rehire all the human staff.

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