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235. Dark Fluid

234. Consequences

233. Betrayal

232. Opponents

231. Loadout

230. Nickname

229. Committing

228. Big Team

227. Breeders

226. Baby PEAs

225. 5 Chips

224. Emotional

223. Memories

222. A Hypocrite

221. Deep Sleep

220. Challenge

219. Distraction

218. More Failing

217. The Next 2

216. 1st Attempt

Turnabout is Fair Play

avatar on 2024-04-27 14:39:47

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13-001 was being dragged off of Dawg by the other 5 AEP units. 13-001 was thrashing and trying to get back to Dawg. The pink haired AEP unit was stunned. He was so stunned that 13-001 was able to land half of his blows on him before Dawg could even think to use his armor plating. "Let me go! You fucking bastards! You don't get it! It isn't fair! You fuckers don't have fucking clue what those fucking bastards are doing to us!" he raved. If he could foam at the mouth, he probably would be by now. He was that acting that unhinged at the moment. Hannah, Chase and Parker were trying their best to calm him down. Parker and Chase in particular where playmates with him from the beginning. They tried to get him to stop with promises they would help them and play some more. Kyan and Rebecca were checking on Dawg to make sure he was okay. 13-001 was not listening. "Get off of me!" he yelled before teleporting 30 feet over the center of the room, on the right side of the bridge. They began falling down. Parker and Hannah where able to cling to the thin railing. Chase was not lucky.

Chase fell into the dark fluid below. He yelped in fear as he went down. Parker and Hannah were calling after him in terror. Brett and I had no clue what was going on. As things went, I could not imagine a more picture perfect chaos. We went over and helped them over the railing. Brett looked over and said "I don't see him from here. I'll go get him. Wait for me." he said before diving in. It looked really flashy. He was on the swim team after all. With everything going on, we were all distracted from the fact that 13-001 had gotten away from his handlers. 13-001 tried to charge at a surprised Major Watts, but Dawg teleported the human out of harm's reach just in the nick of time. I quickly got over there to protect the major. If he died, our massive meal ticket was in jeopardy. We just needed him to make it out of this place alive. Whatever we personally thought did not matter. If something happened after he made his final report on the battle, it was solely on him. 13-001 tried beating on Dawg again, but he teleported behind me too. "Calm the fuck down. It's alright." I said to an angry 13-001.

We stared each other down. He knew better than to test me. Seeing me in action tended to make them pause before getting into combat with me. Brett returned with the missing in action Chase and laid him down gently on the ground. The normally cheerful AEP unit was limp and unconscious. Brett had a grim expression on his face. All of the AEP units were purposefully looking away from him. "Is something wrong with Chase?" I asked Parker. He looked down and did not answer me. "He looked like he was in pain when I got to him. Nothing happened to me. He was out by the time I reached him." Brett informed me. I asked Hannah about it. She was also ignoring me. It was getting weird. I looked at Dawg from over my shoulder. "Do you know what's going on here?" He looked sad. However, as he was about to open his mouth 13-001 shouted "Shut the fuck up, idiot! It's not safe!" Dawg got defensive right away. Brett looked at Kyan. "What's going on? You have to tell us so we can save Chase." Kyan said "I don't know.... Let's just leave. Please? Chase is already dead." He was scared.

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