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234. Consequences

233. Betrayal

232. Opponents

231. Loadout

230. Nickname

229. Committing

228. Big Team

227. Breeders

226. Baby PEAs

225. 5 Chips

224. Emotional

223. Memories

222. A Hypocrite

221. Deep Sleep

220. Challenge

219. Distraction

218. More Failing

217. The Next 2

216. 1st Attempt

215. Spreading

Breaking Point for 13-001

avatar on 2024-04-23 14:14:33

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Major Watts was just a regular human. There was nothing he could do against our magic. Even less against a real Devil like Brett. It did not change that he fucked things up for everyone. He had tried to kill members of the group. If it were me, I'd kill him as soon as I had the chance. I had to pull Dawg and 13-001 off to the side with Brett to talk it out. "We're going to get you up, but you 2 have to promise to not attack Major Watts until the end of the mission." Dawg looked wide eyed. "What!? I'd never attack Major Watts!" 13-001 pouted. "That piece of shit tried to kill me! Why the fuck can't I punch him back now!?" he demanded. Brett was the one that said "Because we are in enemy territory. We can't have infighting. That is why we protected you just now." 13-001 glared at us. "That's a fucking lie! This bitch just said she doesn't care if we live or die." he snapped. I rolled my eyes at his behavior. That was the very last straw for 13-001. "Everything was fucking great until you fuckers came along! You caused everything to go to shit! My people died, you tricked us, and stole everything!"

Now was not the time for a temper tantrum. Then again, I was the last person who could say that. He was mad at me for the things that I had done along with Nicoletta. It would just make him angrier if I said anything in my own defense. Dawg said "The soldiers stationed here are nice though, right? I play with them all the time and work on projects around the settlement." 13-001 gave him the most venomous and hateful glare possible. I did not think it was possible for the AEP units. Brett had enough of the delay. He pulled out an energy generator and turned it on. The glow it emitted was the same color as my healing magic. It covered all 7 of the AEPs. When it was finished, they were all able to get up and move. None of us could have expected what happened next. 13-001 lunged forward and tackled Dawg to the ground. He began to rain down punches and elbows. All Dawg could do was whether the storm of his sibling punching him. "You ugly, deviant piece of shit! You take these fuckhead's side every time. You never play with us! I bet you'd like taking a human dick up your ass!"

All of us were shocked. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I fucking hate you! Fuck these humans! Shit! Why is this happening to us!?" he screamed as he continued his attacking. I angrily shoved Major Watts. He stumbled forward before glaring at me with disdain. "What the fuck was that for!?" he demanded. I gestured to them. "Look what the fuck you've done. Does this look like a cohesive fighting force to you. We haven't gotten to the AEP units yet." I yelled. He simply shrugged his shoulders at me like it was not his problem. "So? I didn't make him beat on Dawg. Let them fight." he said. I facepalmed and groaned. "You stupid motherfucker. 12-001 and 12-002 did not change sides when we flipped the Magnetic Clan's transmission hub. If the clan has 3 or more AEP units, they will just switch it back immediately." He then turned to fully face me. "That means... This group is all we got to take them out. And one of them wants to fucking kill you right now. And Dawg for sympathizing with the military occupation." I explained. He was starting to catch the drift when I explained it like that.

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