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12. Goth Boy Jon

11. Karyn Wishes Jon Back

10. Karyn Tells Her Twin That She

9. Jon's Memories Get Replaced Wi

8. Jon the Goth Girl

7. Jon is changed

6. Wish You Could See Yourself

5. Jon Wishes Karyn to His Bedroo

4. The Next Morning

3. The Gothic Stone

2. Switched Stones

1. You Are What You Wish

The Gothic Stone: Jon's Back, But He's a Goth Boy

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"Give me that!" Jon snapped, grabbing the stone out of Karyn's hand. "I don't know what you've been doing with this, but it's clear you can't be trusted with it," he said, gesturing towards Karyn's twin.

"Who the fuck are you?" Zoe asked, looking at the Goth boy who was suddenly in the room with them. And wasn't this room a storage room just a moment ago, like it always was? Now it looked like it belonged to a teenage boy - one obsessed with vampires, apparently.

"What do you mean who the fuck am I? I'm your brother, you fucking idiot!" Jon snapped at her.

"She doesn't remember you!" Karyn yelled.

"What did you do?" Jon demanded to know, turning his rage back onto Karyn.

"It wasn't me. It was you, dipshit!" Karyn yelled back. "You made a wish and turned into my twin, then you got rid of your own memories. And you said I couldn't be trusted with that thing."

Jon was about to throw an insult back, but stopped. He remembered the last wish he made - "I wish you could see yourself," he had said, talking to Karyn. Could it be that the stone had turned him into Karyn's twin? It certainly was possible. The thing was, though, he couldn't remember anything that happened after that. He made the wish, then panicked as it was being granted ... then he was standing in his bedroom with two Karyns and his sister Zoe, who, for some reason, didn't remember him.

"But why did the stone make Jon a Goth?" Karyn's twin asked.

"Make me a Goth?" Jon asked, confused. "Nothing made me a Goth. I was already a Goth ... right?" Jon asked, becoming unsure of himself.

"Would someone just tell me what the fuck is happening right now?" Zoe demanded.

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