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11. Karyn Wishes Jon Back

10. Karyn Tells Her Twin That She

9. Jon's Memories Get Replaced Wi

8. Jon the Goth Girl

7. Jon is changed

6. Wish You Could See Yourself

5. Jon Wishes Karyn to His Bedroo

4. The Next Morning

3. The Gothic Stone

2. Switched Stones

1. You Are What You Wish

The Gothic Stone: Karyn Wishes Jon Back

avatar on 2024-04-23 03:51:23

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Aware MTF Magic Twin

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"Your stone? No, that stone belongs to Jon," Karyn corrected Zoe.

"Jon? Who's Jon?" Zoe asked, confused.

"Your brother!" Karyn yelled.

"Mikey's my only brother. I don't know anyone named Jon. Now give me back my stone!" Zoe yelled, before lunging towards Karyn's twin (who used to be Jon, even though she had no memories of that).

Karyn suddenly realized what her twin had already figured out moments earlier - since Jon essentially no longer existed, Zoe probably would have been the one to inherit the stone. So it was Zoe's stone after all. But that was easily fixable. She could just wish Jon back into existence, in some way.

So with that, Karyn grabbed the stone (which was actually the Gothic Stone) out of her twin's hand, before Zoe could get to it, then immediately said "I wish Jon existed again," causing the stone to glow a second later. The wish was granted, but in what way?

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